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Algolia and Bubble Integration support


I am looking for some support or services for developing the APIs and workflows needed to create a robust search feature as well as a diverse social feed solution for my bubble app. I have some familiarity with Bubble.io, but I am brand new to using APIs and feel like I am missing some steps or knowledge when I read the instructions around the Algolia Search V2.0


Hi, @dylan!

Thanks for reaching out!

Could you please clarify a bit your request: do you want to hire us to build a plugin for you or you have questions with regards to our Algolia Search V2.0 plugin?
If the former, then I’m afraid that we are currently, unfortunately, not engaged in the implementation of plugins.
If the second, then you are able to try the plugin out on Live Demo to see how it works: https://zeroqode-demo-11.bubbleapps.io/algolia_easy_search. Also, please have a look at its documentation to explore its setup: https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/algolia-search-plugin/algolia-2.0-simple-search.

And if you have meant something else, please do let me know to help you better!
Best, Julia.