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🎡 Algolia Places - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Algolia Places provides a fast, distributed and easy way to use address search autocomplete JavaScript library on your website. It has been designed to improve the user experience of your forms.

It harnesses OpenStreetMap’s impressive open source database of worldwide places.

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page: at https://zeroqode.com/plugin/algolia-places-1548068086580x157908734580621300

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Wanted to report a bug i’ve found with this plugin…

On page load the plugin doesn’t load the initial value even though it looks like it’s displayed.

  • I have set up initial value / input value (see image 1)
  • A User selects a place. (image 2) This is displayed and when the users press save which saves it via a workflow to save to the database. (image 3) All good so far although there is another bug in that the autocomplete options randomly get shown when user presses save. (image 4)
  • User re-loads page. The location appears to load correctly / although the auto complete drop down is defaulted to be on when page is loaded. (image 5).
  • User saves again (without changing the location field) and location in the database turns blank. (image 6).

It’s almost as though the browser is rending the location option but is not really loading it even though it’s set to.

Would you be able to look into it?



Hello, @dom

Thanks for sharing the info, let us check this out and be back to you asap.


Hi @dom

So we reproduced your use case. I’ll try to clear things a bit here, you seem to work with wrong state, or exactly w/o a state value to save it to DB.
Let’s use input value - Chicago.

From dropdown suggestion we choose it

When we create new location in db field with data from input Algolia Places Cursor Value

The data is written in DB and can be found in respective field

Basically to write something to DB, use Algolia Places Cursor Value state.

Please try it out. Thanks.


I need help, I want to display
Street Number, Name, Suburb, Country
and also save it to the database
this is what it shows right now

8 Calandra St, Queensland, Queensland, Australia
I dont need to know the state twice lol.

This information is available as when i search on agolia places themselves the correct suburb is shown as below

I want the results to display
8 Calandra Street, Redbank Plains, Australia

can this be done? thank you

Hi @dylan.b.anderson

We’ll need to check this out. I believe the search result offered a “Administrative” and “City” results and not state, twice :slight_smile:

Is there a way where i would be able to show ‘suburb’

Hello @dylan.b.anderson

We updated the plugin with a new states, which you’ll be able use to show suburb:

  • Added two new states (Suburb, Cursor Suburb) that are of type list of text.

However the suggestion view can not be changed. The render is the same as Alogila presents. (https://community.algolia.com/places/examples.html?utm_medium=social-owned&utm_source=GitHub&utm_campaign=places%20repository#city-search)

Thanks for understanding.