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Algolia Plug-in - User Personalization Support


I have been trying to work with the default Bubble integration and found that in order to access some of the more advance algolia features like Analytics and Personalization, I would need to set up separate API calls. Would it be possible with this template? I’ve looked at some of the documentation, but am still unclear if I can easily get it to send data back to Algolia.

In particular, whenever an action happens such as a click or view, I would need it to send back to Algolia the “event” and corresponding data points like user id, object id, position in search, filters, etc.

Also, with this template is it possible to set up multi-index searches or pull from data from more than one index? I have different content types and am trying to avoid having to merge them all into one table in Bubble, as they have different fields (e.g., an article will have different fields than a book or video).


Hi, @Chris_Kudo!

Thanks for reaching out!

Unfortunately, the request does not mention which particular template is referred to. However, I believe you can achieve your goals through the bubble API connector. Anyway, everything about our template can be customized, so you can change everything to fit your requirements: design, workflows, database and all the settings like domain, SEO parameters etc.

With regards to Algolia itself, the idea is that Algolia should support such calls. As for our Algolia Search plugin- I’m afraid it doesn’t have actions or events to send data to Aloglia. The plugin itself makes only the search inside your Bubble app. The plugin has only search, delete and update actions.

Please test the plugin on the Live Demo page in order to see how it works. Also, make sure that you have visited the docs page to explore its setup.

If I have got you right, you are talking about the ability of Algolia to make a multi-index searches. If so, then yes, you are able to achieve that by dropping a few plugin elements on the page and set a certain index on each element.

If I have got you wrong, please clarify a bit to hep you better.

Hope this helps!
Best, Julia.