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Algolia Plugin vs Bubble Integration

Hi I just noticed that bubble already has a native integration with Algolia. Can you please help me distinguish how this plugin enhances, adds to, or replaces that integration in a better way? Thanks in advance

Hello, @marcusfarmer44
Thanks for your question.

Please note that the first difference between our plugin and Bubble Integration is the method of configuration and the number of possible actions.

Here is the documentation for the Algolia, integrated with the Bubble platform:

As for our plugin, here you can check all available actions:

Moreover, it has the functionality to edit, add and delete items in Algolia. It is a complex tool to interact with Algolia DB.
The possible plugin actions are:

Our plugin doesn’t add or enhance the integrated Algolia, but replaces it and allows us to configure it in a bit different way with some additional actions.

Hope it will help you.
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Thank you! It definitely seems like a good investment I’ll be making.



In case I can help you with anything else - let me know :slightly_smiling_face:
I will be happy to assist you with it.

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I have a technical question about how this plugin’s users typically integrate/use it within bubble… where do I ask it? (and to whom)? [I have already watched your tutorial]


You can ask any plugin-related questions here, on our Zeroqode Forum, on Bubble Forum (do not forget to tag our support team), or by email support@zeroqode.com
Looking to hearing from you soon.

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I have this feeling that it is not as fast/feasible to use this plugin to index & retrieve details…
Rather it is faster to use this plugin to retrieve just the ID’s of the results…, then I can use the ID’s to retrieve the details from the Bubble database and display them in a repeating group. Does this make sense. In essence, the Algolia results are for speed and then used to get the details from Bubble. Is this an efficient way to use this plugin (in your opinion)?