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🔍 Algolia Search - New Plugin from Zeroqode


Of course some weird tinkering makes it work.

I deleted the original table I created and recreated it.

Not sure if I had renamed fields at any point or done something that’d cause the mapping of column names to not match the field_list selections.

tl;dr try deleting/recreating your table if you run into some funkiness


Sorry for the issues but glad you figured it out!


Hello everyone, I am very interested in using this service to increase my app performance but I am concerned with the pricing being too much. Im finding it hard to gauge how many calls and records i will need.

Do you have any fail safes for going over your rate limit? @Dumitru @levon could something like that be set in place to use bubble’s search when aloglia will not work anymore?


i’m afraid we won’t be able to make any such changes to the plugin, only if you try to capture any errors from the plugin and then use conditional workflows to switch to Bubble’s search


Alright I will try that thanks.


After using it for about 20mins I see my operations count rising very fast. I think it’s too expensive of a solution. I will wait for bubble to implement something similar.