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🔍 Algolia Search - New Plugin from Zeroqode


This plugin allows integrating Algolia’s powerful search-as-a-service solution, which will make the search inside your Bubble app superfast. The plugin comes with a workflow action to send data to Algolia for indexing and then searching through that data in Algolia becomes lightening fast.


Here is the plugin page: https://zeroqode.com/plugin/algolia-search-1540375006836x287114215703707650

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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I already installed algolia plugin. Could you explain how can I display more than one column in repeating group. Thnx a lot.


Hello, did you check our demo page?


Yes. But It shows only one cloumn returns from data… Did I missed something?


Hi, I’ll jump in here.

For repeating group may be try to adjust it.
You’ll need to modify the parameters for the repeating group by inspecting the elements tree and change the number of columns to be displayed. Also would be good idea to adjust the width of your columns so it could be displayed correctly.
Example in screen.



Thanks for the prompt answer but my question is that how can I display more than one field from data. Your example gets only name field . I want to get and display more different fields from data like name, adress, tel etc…


Oooh, looks likes a misunderstanding.

So as you can see the plugin executes one list of data for search results. There are 10 lists created but only one populated with data for demo purpose which you try. For displaying the different fields from other lists as you wish, you’ll need to offer data source, for one of the lists and for the second use the item #current cell’s index value .

Hope this clarifies.



let me show what I have for now…


As you can see, I could’bt add second info text next. Because I couldnt figure out what I should write to call second data…


Hello @unveryalincak .

Here’s a quick guide for displaying more fields. Screenshot attached, try following it.



@Dumitru - is there a trick to getting field values back? I tried making the RG source be field_list_1 like you post, but also be AlgoliaSearch A’s Unique ID, like the demo is using. My current cell text returns the Algolia Object ID rather than the Bubble item’s unique ID like in the demo. When I use a source of field_list_1, the current cell text is blank.

I’m getting search results (hence the results count working and the correct Algolia object ID’s showing up), but my fields are always empty. The Algolia API response shows results with values. What do the field_list properties actually map to in Algolia?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


Hello, @erick.

Not sure why you’re the empty fields from search results if following the demo page is fine but not in your case.
I may guess there may be a problem with index name you’re trying to link to Algolia, which can be found in your Algolia dashboard. It must be the same when you use it in plugin for data indexing. Screen attached.

Could please look at it. If this does not work for you, could you please offer more details (screenshots, workflow etc) so we could reproduce the issue


@Dumitru The index name is correct, and I’m getting the Algolia Object ID’s to pull into my app from a search…but none of the fields will show. I may not fully understand how the Column parameters in the AlgoliaSearch element are supposed to work - or how the field_list items actually map to data in Algolia vs the Bubble database. Attached are more screenshots and some descriptions…


Oh, also, here is the API log file from Algolia, showing the “Etherfax” response


Hi, @erick.

Have you created a new Table Data Type in Bubble’s DB, in you case Vendor which has same fields names as Algolia fields names in your index list? Looks like this may be the case, since we don’t have access to verify it, even though we tried to replicate your case and search by Vendors index. (Screen att)

Also for the API Key which should be placed in Bubble (Screen att), you’ll need to get the Admin API Key from you Algolia Dashboard and not the Search API Key.

Could you please check your setup. Thanks for understanding.


@Dumitru - yes, I have a Vendor table in Bubble with same field names…I exported Vendor table from Bubble and imported it directly to Algolia, creating the Algolia fields to match the Bubble fields. Also, I did plug in the admin API key as you mention.

Have you guys considered creating a setup guide to go along with the plugin? It’s still not perfectly clear how the column names in the AlgoliaSearch element are used? If you enter a column in the AlgoliaSearch element are those then mapped to field_list items on the return side?

Any other thoughts on what might be going on?



Another thing is that, there is a condition in place on Algolia side. Could you please check that the key fields in Algolia to be written with lowercase letters. Looking at your Algolia screenshot it looks like you imported the table data as is from Bubble and the fields have been generated with uppercase letter.
description instead of Description
name instead of Name

Also we are working on a comprehensive guide to setup the plugin.
Thanks for understanding.



@Dumitru - that did the trick! Thanks!