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Algolia Simple Search Bubble


@levon Hey, I purchased your Algolia plugin on Bubble and need some guidance.

The way my app is set up I create an object in algolia that includes data about my users including their unique id which is saved under Algolia’s object ID.
The same data that I crawl for searches on Algolia servers is also in my Bubble database. What I need to do i retrieve the objectID/unique ID from the algolia search and use that to pull the ‘local’ Bubble data and populate a profile page.

As it stands when i conduct a search I can see that the operation is successful when I submit a query, but the repeating group doesn’t populate with any information.

How would I go about using that objectID/unique ID to view relevant users?


Hello @dimitrimanaigo,

Thanks for reaching out!

We will analyze the issue and will provide an answer ASAP.


Hey, just checking to see if you’ve been able to determine a solution? The crazy thing is that a couple weeks ago I actually had it working exactly like this. However I was just trying to make sure it could work before I built out the rest of the app. Somewhere in between then and now I did something that broke it and I never recorded the logic I used. So I know it’s possible, but I just can’t seem to find the right combination again.


Hi, we’re still working on it, there was determined a bug which we are solving right now. I will let you know when everything will be fixed.
Thanks for understanding.


Hey, it’s been three days (5 since I first reached out) and your plugin (which I’m paying for) is an integral part of a production app. When can I expect this issue to be rectified?


Hi, @dimitrimanaigo

Our team is working on fixing the bug. We estimate that we will have a solution, tomorrow by COB.
I am sorry that it is taking so long.



It’s been another two days and still no fix.


Hi, @dimitrimanaigo

My sincere apology that fixing is taking so long. During the work, it was found that the fixing process will take more time than expected. We are doing everything possible to provide a solution ASAP.



11 days. This is unacceptable for a paid plugin. You’re selling a search plugin that doesn’t search.


@dimitrimanaigo i apologize the situation, but it seems that Bubble has done some changes to their code which affected the way the search in this plugin works.
we are doing our best to fix this. We’ll keep you posted.


Hi @dimitrimanaigo

We fixed the issue with populating the repeating group. Please see the attached video and the settings from the demo.

Specifically please take a look at the settings for extracting the data. There are some changes.
Once again please take my sincere apology for taking so long with fixing. I hope now everything will work correctly.

Best Regards,


Thank you. Everything appears to be functioning normally again.