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Algolia Simple Search - Filter Only Query


First off, wanted to say thank you for your work on the Algolia plugin. I initially tried and FAILED to setup an algolia search with filters on my app using JS but this plugin seems to do the trick nicely!

One thing I’m struggling with is how to trigger an Algolia search using only filters (without any query text). For example, if I had a database with a Car table containing the following attributes: Make, Model, Price, and Description, I would want the ability to bring back search results if I filtered for Make: ‘Toyota’ but didn’t enter any text into the search bar.

Currently, it makes me enter some text value in the search bar before it will yield any results even if it has filter values set. I can get around this by setting the query text equal to a blank space (i.e.: ’ ') but that actually does exclude some records for me so it’s not ideal.

Please let me know if this is sufficient information - if not happy to provide additional screenshots/etc. I’m on version 3.14.0

Hi, @mulligansapp!

Thanks for reaching out and kind words. We appreciate this much :pray:

Regarding your question: currently, this plugin doesn’t allow to realize the feature you have described. However, we’ll take into consideration your feedback. We need to see how feasible is to implement for future updates.

Thanks for understanding!
Best, Julia.

Thanks for the quick reply! Great, please let me know if this does end up getting included in a future plugin update.

Hi, @mulligansapp!

Yes, sure :slightly_smiling_face: The only thing is that I cannot provide you with the exact time estimates, but as soon as I have the relevant info, I’ll contact you.

Best, Julia.