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Algolia simple search plugin & geo search

Just purchased the algolia simple search plugin. Really hoping it’s going to help me out! Thanks for making it

I have it working and filtering well using the algolia simple search element. I need to add in geo search. How do you configure the ‘algolia simple search’ element for geo search?

I did look at your other “Algolia search” and saw it has geo location but is that an older element. What is the difference between algolia search and the simple search element?


@levon any ideas on this?


Is there anyone i can talk to about getting this working? I’m on a time sensitive deadline and would love a little bit help.

Specifically: The filter function on the algolia search element isn’t able to read dynamic data on the page particularly if you set something as a state. If you hard type the filter in it works but it’s not able to read a text from a state.

In one of your demo pages you try and demo the filters but that isn’t working leading me to think there is an issue with the plugin.

If you could get back to me at some stage that would be really great.


Hi @dom,

Thanks for reaching out!

You can easily add the geo id into your Fields to Retrieve and it will work the same as Algolia Search element. We have an example in our demo here.

The Algolia Search element is an older one but it works as well as Algolia Simple Search. The second one is just a more updated version.

We’re going to investigate it with our development team and get back to you asap. :pray:

Meanwhile, could you please share screenshots and/or a screencast of your app setups so we can replicate the same thing on our side to see where the problem might be.

We will provide working solutions asap.


Thanks so much @alexander - I’ve had a couple of frustrating days trying to get this to to work so really appreciate you getting back to me!

Regarding your simple search demo - I actually can’t get it to bring back any search results today. (not sure if anything has changed over night?). Searching by City or Country name doesn’t yield any results for me?!

Regarding searching geo with your newer ‘simple search’ element.
Correct me if i’m wrong but in your demo it looks like the filtering is based around a country name which looks like a text based vs geo (lat & lng). I’m after doing a geo search around a Lat & Lng with a fixed radius. You do offer this in your older algolia search element but i wanted to use it in the newer one as it’s a lot simplier.

If that is the case i need to use the older algolia search to use geo (lat lng) searching. I’m still trying to narrow down what the issue is with referencing an option set as a state on the page. It seems to work when you hard type the text to filter but referencing text in a state doesn’t. Once i get a clear pattern of the issue i’ll send some more info for you to debug. In the mean time if you can show an example in your demo of the older algolia search filters working (referencing dynamic text or option’s text as a state, that would be epic).

Final question is super simple one… If using the older algolia search - What is the best method of initiating the search if the query is empty… On page load i just want the repeating group to show the default results… but they are only showing when you change the query.

Many thanks


Hi @dom,

Thanks a lot for additional feedback. Unfortunately, there are some issues at plugin-level which is why it is causing troubles with retrieving data, and it happens with both Algolia Search and Algolia Simple Search elements I’m afraid. Sorry about this one, our development team is already working on this matter to fix it asap!

As soon as we have updates, I’m going to notify you here so you can upgrade and use the fixed version of the plugin. :pray: And share some inputs on state implementations and geo searching as well!

You can simply build a RepeatingGroup that is going to pull data from your Algolia based on Algolia Search data call.

Please let us investigate and then get back to you with working solutions as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your patience. :pray:

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Thanks @alexander.

Any ideas on time scales for a fix?

The other thing I was wondering if you guys would consider making more of your demo and or updating your documentation to include both of the search elements.

Assuming you fix issues the plugin, used to it’s full potential, is so powerful. It would be great if you showed it off in your demo. I’ve been working with algolia for 2 years and it’d fiddly so just some ideas of covering the basics below would be epic.

e.g. K
Geo search using bubble’s searchbox (geo)
Different ways of searching (client side vs search server)
Filters: Examples of how best to use multiple filters using the AND OR sql syntax
Pagination options
Highlighted text
Building facetted check box style queries which is common in search.

When you are fixing this could you also look at (for the algolia search element), which fields it’s bringing back and how you define those fields so you can view them in a repeating group.

Changing these settings / data type or manually setting the fields seems to make no difference.


Hi Guys, any update on this?

Even just an ETA would be SO helpful to manage expectations.

I’m currently blocked on these bugs with your plugin. Thanks

Hi @dom,

Thanks for catching up. I’m afraid we cannot guarantee estimates on this matter but you can be sure that I’m going to notify you as soon as we have some updates.

Sorry to know you are blocked at this point. Our team is working on this issue as it is a priority ticket.

Thanks for your patience. :pray:

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Hi @dom,

We managed to investigate your questions.

Firstly, sorry for demo misleading. We had to change our app keys because they were incorrect. You can test the demo now if you will.

Regarding the manual fields and columns:

There are 2 different ways you can set this plugin element:

  1. you recreate the Algolia dashboard columns into your Bubble database and set the Data Type as your Bubble database table
  2. you enter the fields you want to be retrieved by manually typing their name into Manual Fields (make sure match the same name as per your Algolia dashboard).

You can check these instructions here.

Regarding demo and plugin improvements, we’ll add the requested features to our roadmap feature list and depending on traction we’ll decide in upcoming updates, if feasible.

The Algolia Search element does provide the ability to use geo search, but the Algolia Simple Search doesn’t have this functionality, unfortunately.

Regarding state implementations - there should be no issues with it. You can easily integrate the state implementations if you will, and based on that retrieve the results from Algolia.

If you experience some difficulties on this matter, could you please provide access to your app by adding our [email protected] account to your Settings/Collaboration list within Bubble editor (ignore the warning message about plan - we are an agency and you can easily add us).

Please tell us your app name and page name where it occurs on test. If you don’t mind, you can create a separate page for us where we can tweak the plugin on your side to debug and test its behaviour. :pray:

We’ll get back to you after checking your app asap.

Thanks for your patience and understanding. :pray:


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Thanks Alex :pray:

I’ve got the algolia search element working nicely now.

Interestingly the client side search on the ‘algolia search’ element is a lot quicker than the ‘simple algolia search’ element.

I’ll let you know if i have any more issues and will share how i’ve implemented it when i’ve finished.


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Thanks @dom for confirming!

Let me know if you have any other questions.


@alexander Is there any-way i could pay to sponsor an enhancement to the algolia v2 plugin?


One of algolia’s most powerful features is the ability to very quickly filter & facet results & being able to see what filter options are available as you toggle filters on and off. We’ve come to expect this power feature as a web standard today but achieving this is difficult with the way the plugin has been set up.

This would be a real game changer for building much richer search results pages.

I know algolia offer the ability to search & display any refinement list for an index given, with a given search as part of the API client, so i wouldn’t have thought it would be that much extra work to extend the current plugin.

Ideally in bubble we’d just have an extra source (to target a specific filter) that we could set a repeating group to.

As i said i’d be happy to sponsor the change because otherwise i’m going to have to create the plugin from scratch and would much rather use yours. However if this is not possible or time frames would be more than 2 weeks please do let me know and i’ll go down a different route.



Hi @dom,

Thanks for getting back. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee estimates on this matter but we’ll consider the feedback to add to our roadmap feature list and see how feasible it is for future updates. :pray:

Regarding sponsoring, I’m afraid it is not possible as well, but in case we do update our plugin - we’ll make sure to notify you as soon as possible.

Thanks for understanding.


Hi Hi, I just purchased the Algoria Search plugin on Bubble. My cc was charged but it is not showing up in any of my apps… (not sure which one was targeted at the time) but cannot find it anywhere… Any idea why? I read thru the documentation and I have an account with Algoria so I should find it in plugins and then add in my API key from Algoria site… but it is simply no where to be found…

Hi @3xethical,

Thanks for reaching out. Do you have lots of apps in your Bubble account? You can simply check on all of them for the Plugins tab and see, but in case it is problematic - just shoot an email to [email protected] and explain the situation, they should be able to assist.

But please note that plugin purchases are per app, not per account, meaning it is going to be available only in the app you installed it in, because the Plugin License is a single one per project. You can find more information here.

Hope it helps.