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Algolia simple search v2.0 suggestion

Some time ago I took the subscription of this plug in algolia simple search, within the functions that show this suggestion, but there is no part that explains how it works. I have tried several times to bring it but I do not find how to do it, can you give me a hand?

Hi, @315-play, thanks for reaching out.
To see how the plugin works, please use it as guidance:

Hope it helps. In case any other plugin-related questions will appear, please let me know.


thanks for the answer, but that is what I did before entering the forums, neither in the documentation nor in the editor the functionality is covered.

Nothing? Support? I read the manual, I see in the forum

Hi @315-play, apologies if my previous answer didn’t help.

In addition to the links provided above, for a better explanation of the functionality, please see the following links.

Kindly note that on the Live Demo page:

  • the “Page” slider stands for the size of the group of received items, so on position change, it loads additional groups of items.
  • the “Hits per page” slider stands for the number of items in one group (range is from 1 to 100).

Hope it helps. If there is anything else that I can help with, please let me know.


Thanks for answering, it seems that my question is not understood. Since you sent me info about the pagination and not about the suggestion. When I bring the search with a text element, I have the following options. Result, which brings the fields, hit, hitperpage, etc. There is another option called “suggestions”, and another called “result recents searches”. Therefore, what I am interested in knowing is to know about a function that brings the plug in that you programmed, since that information is not found anywhere. The links that you send me are for installation, programming in html, a video of the pagination function. I have a page in bubble.io that occupies your plug-in and a characteristic that I called the attention was that, what is the suggestion function, since I cannot find it in the manual, I contact you, who are the experts. What I would like to know is that it does that function, since in live editor there is a GF, which supposedly brings an RG where that function is, but the live does not bring anything. Does it work or not? Hope my explanation is better this time. Greetings from Chile

Hi @315-play, thank you for the additional details, now I understood your request.

The new element action for providing the recent searches option is relatively new in the plugin, so we need to prepare a corresponding update of the supporting documentation. Apologies for this inconvenience, we will try to do our best and add this point to documentation shortly. Thanks for pointing it out.

The goal of this action is to show recent searches. So to have it working, it is required to have a few searches done before and a correct plugin setup, related to this part of the functionality.

Hope my answer will help :slightly_smiling_face:. In case there is anything else, that I can help with, please let me know.


Thank you, that’s what I meant, I’ll try to apply it. Do you know if there is any method that makes a way to do an autocomplet?

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Hi @315-play, sorry for the delayed reply (due to weekend time).

To be sure that I’ve understood your question right - you would like to complete the suggestions dropdown with your own data, stored in-app database.
If it is so, then you can do it through the corresponding workflow.

  1. Create a Group Focus

  2. Insert a Repeating Group, where data from DB will be shown

  3. Do a setup in order to show it if the input value is changed, quite similar to the demo workflow

Hope it helps. In case you’ve meant something else, please let me know. Also, if there is anything else that I can help with, don’t hesitate to contact me.


I did what you told me and it does not work, or it is not what is expected. What you sent me is similar to what they have in the live editor. But I copy it and it doesn’t turn out to bring anything, the only time I achieve something is when the DB is the internal one and not the agolia suggestion.

Hi @315-play, thanks for your reply.

Sorry if the provided information was not explicit enough.

The Algolia “suggestion” feature is working after few searching attempts and a page reload,

The information about searching attempts is stored in/ showed from the user’s browser cache.

Could you please provide more details about your particular use case that you would like to implement? This will help me to see what other plugin-related information I can provide for your support.

Looking forward to your reply.