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Algolia Update - object : ARRAYS

Hello everyone,

the algolia plugin is quite nice. Though i am struggling to find the right syntax to update an object with an array of strings.

As you can see in the example below, updating the field " last_name_text" with a string is clear for me.
Updating the field “list_of_languages_text_list_text” which is an array of strings, i have zero clue about the syntax.

If anyone can help, this would save me !

Thanks a lot

Hello, @pro.sc.conseils
Thanks for using our plugin.

We will discuss the right syntax for specifying an array for this plugin internally and will revert to you with a detailed response asap.


Hello, @pro.sc.conseils
I’m sorry for my late reply to your request.

We checked the possibility of updating the field “Update Object” which is an array of strings and it is really possible.

Please find below the screenshot with syntaxis for your use case, that can help you to set up correctly the plugin’s element:

Hope it will help you.