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Amazon clone marketplace

Hi, ive already bought the Amazon clone template. Didn’t find the refund function on the buyer page? I think this is a basic function for a marketplace. Did i overlooked it? Or can someone guide me how this can be solved?

Also, I’m thinking add a function that all seller applicant has to be vetted and approved by the admin before they can have their dedicated shop page and start lisiting. How can i set that screening steps?

Hello, @nic.wei66
Thanks for using our template.

First of all, please note that you need to connect your Stripe account to your future application. The template integrates Stripe for split payments, allowing the platform to facilitate payments between the buyer and seller. Also, after connecting your Stripe account you will be able to create a Refund action in your application.

Please check this documentation to investigate instruction connecting Stripe to Bubble application:

Also, allow me to recommend you some YouTube videos:


Please note that the admin is able to see details of all “Buyers”, “Sellers”, and “Products” on the platform, including “Commissions” on transactions. Also, the admin is able to approve product gigs enables him to keep a record of “Approved”, “Under Review” and “Declined” product adverts.

As for Approval of a New Seller, it is surely possible, but some solid Bubble skills are required.

For example, you can make a Status of a new User (seller) inactive due to the approval of the Admin. Immediately after confirmation from Admin, the status of Seller will be changed.

Unfortunately, the Support Team can’t provide you step-by-step guidance for proceeding with it.

Also, let me propose you check our Zeroqode LAB website, there we have a lot of useful free and paid courses that should be helpful to build your own application: https://lab.zeroqode.com/courses

Many of them, especially those that cover the no-code basic principles are free and will allow you to know more about Bubble platform functionality.

You may start with the Bubble for Beginners Course available on https://lab.zeroqode.com/course/bubble-for-beginners-course-1549860685047x857418658238693400

Your learning progress will be available within your profile on the site, so you always will be able to come back to the point where you previously paused the course.

Also, useful information in this regard you may find here:

Hope it helps you.

Thanks Ecaterina.

I’ve just encountered another problem when trying to modify the amazon template.

Under the Profileseller page, My Product element is supposed to be viewed by the current user (a registered Seller only). But when i log in as a test buyer user, this element can still be seen. Tried to add condition to restrict the viewer, but still shown to other user.

This element is still kept as template default setting. Could you help?

Hello, @nic.wei66
Thank for the answer.

Please allow me to recommend you to use another condition for displaying the list of product for non-registered users:

It will allow you to restrict the possibility to see the list of your product for the user without an account on your platform.

Please be sure that you set the validation functionality in the template.

Hope it will help you.

Hi Ecaterina,

I’ve tried, but seemed a logged in test buyer can still see this group. I guess it is because I edit content and extent the length of another group in this page, which affect the total layout. Anyway, it already took me too much time, so I just copied the original template page to my app. And for the additional function I wanted, I used a popup window instead, so not to disturb other group. Now it works.

However, when I try to test out the check out page both as a logged in user and unlogged in visitor, there seems to be a bug after I key in the address

Hi Ecaterina,

In addition to the issue raised earlier about editing and saving the address in the check-out page, i’ve just found another issue.

After i placed order successfully (with an incomplete address though), the placed order is not reflected in my buyer profile page. And i’ve checked the work flow in the checkout page, didnt find any step that link the item ordered to my orders.

Could you advise?

BTW, trying to look for the original template listed on bubble, but found it’s delisted. Any reason? Or are you going to re-list it with bugs fixed?

Hello, @nic.wei66
Thanks for your question.

First of all, please note that currently, we are working on some updates to this template. So, for this reason, it is temporary not listed in Bubble Marketplace. However, I can’t provide you an exact timeframe for placing the final version on the platform.

We have tested this option on the Demo Version of the template and it is not reproduced from our side. Thus, please provide us the screenshots of your current settings for Check-out action and we will investigate your use case.

Unfortunately, this issue is also not reproduced from our side. Please note that in order to see your placed order you need to set it up correctly not only the Buyer profile page but the Order and Seller page.

Please follow these steps to check your issue:

  • Please check if your order is successfully placed in your DataBase;

  • Please check Seller profile, and especially the Group Orders:

Please check all these points and let us know if you fixed the issue.
Best regards,