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Android Studio Get Error when build zeroqode project

When I open the zeroqode for the first time and waiting project run I get this error

in addition I updated my android studio and the SDK all is installed.


In build.gradle update firebase-core to version 16.0.1
implementation ‘com.google.firebase:firebase-core:16.0.1’

This problem came with firebase update.
More information about this bug you have on

Best regards

Thanks The issue was resolved.

How Can I enable send notification when I’m using onesignal?


You have to create one signal account, create project connect with native android.
In build.gradle add keys from OneSignal and that is all.

Best regards

Thanks for your reply I was able to configure it after your kindly reply.
but the app is not fetching the new content from the website, when the website updated the app still showing the old content. how can I fix it?

is there any response?

Can I get any solution from you?