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Any documentation on the WhatsApp Plugin?

Hello, is there any documentation about the whatsapp plugin?
Thank you

I’ve found the “Open chat with”
Was hard because it was lost between all the other plugin options I have for msgs. Would be good to have the word “Whatsapp” in front.

On the Action Property panel it’s says:
“+44” country code but the format should be without the “+” sign right? (the plugin requires a number field)
“7911 National destination” : what is this? should I add “7911” between country code and phone number?

Thank you

Hi Caio,
we haven’t officially launched that plugin yet :slight_smile: About to do that in a few days.

if your number is +448234234234 you need to put it without +.
Simply 448234234234
Hope this helps

:slight_smile: Had no idea the plugin hasn’t been lunched yet (I was happy when I saw it and installed )

Thanks for your reply levon!

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