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Any Image Compressor has issue

when i upload images more than 10MB size,
some how,
page load by compulsion

this issue happen only mobile phone.

please fix it.

more than 10MB error

less than 10MB not error

Hi @takanasale3, thanks for reaching out.

Allow us to analyze this issue with the developer team.
Once any feedback will be available, I will let you know.

Thank you for understanding.


same issue happen in your Demo.

fix it as soon as possible.

Hi @takanasale3, thanks for your patience.
We’ve checked it internally and found that the issue with 10MB files uploaded from a mobile phone is related to the fact that a mobile device is allocating less memory for the browser operations.
The compression process is working directly within the browser, so if certain file size is exceeded, it fails to compress them.
I’m afraid we can’t do much about this. Sorry about this inconvenience.

If there is anything else that I can help with about our plugins, please let me know.

i got it.

but if you say that you can’t do much about this,

your plugin is wrong as a plugin for sale.

Because, Most people use mobile phone.

And Most Bubble user creating apps for mobile phone.

So, i wan’t you to create some functions,

which is,

show up alert message when User upload pictures more than 10MB, and don’t let app reload.

please create some functions like this.

i paid you. i don’t know why you didn’t create plugin mobile phone friendly.

clearly people doesn’t use desktop.

We will check how feasible it will be to add the requested feature to the future plugin update, thank you for suggesting it.

Kindly note that so far we don’t create plugins for users or do plugin customization services, mostly we develop them by following the market demand. Sorry about that.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help with.

so, you think,

it is not needs to be a quick response??
your plugin let my app reload by compulsion.

most people who buy your Any Image Compressor in the Future,
will think the same.

clearly, it is Big problem.

Hi @takanasale3,

I completely understand how you feel, but I’m afraid we cannot guarantee any estimates on this matter, unfortunately. Once the plugin will be updated, I will let you know.

Thank you for understanding.

Have you updated Any Image Compressor ?

Hi @takanasale3,

Unfortunately, there are no news available in this regard :pray:.
In case any plugin-related update will become available, we will let you know asap.