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Any way to test a template before buying it?



Is there a way to test a template before buying it ?

I’d like to make sure it’s the right fit before shelling out $200, if possible.



Hello Mehdi,
unfortunately it’s not possible but you can check the preview links and make sure the template looks and works as expected. If any particular information is needed about the template please don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll try to provide that.


Hello levon,

The template is the app backing + landing one ( https://bubble.is/template/app-backend--landing-1506689022608x652217008215031800 ), i’m interested in just the backend, which looks great, but i want to make sure it’s using APIs and that I can plug my own APIs and add pages to interact with them etc …

Essentially we already have a working product, and all the APIs are done to create users, plans, etc, any sort of CRUD and other processes have APIs, I want to make sure i’ll be able to use the backend with them.



The backend template comes with preconfigured API endpoints which you can use in your front end product. You can modify those endpoints or create new ones etc. We tested this template with some applications made on Dropsource and others and it proved to be working fine.
Hope this helps


sorry levon just want to be clear, you used API endpoints FROM dropsource ? i’m not looking to create any endpoint, we already have all the endpoints done to do everything we need, i just want the backend to interact with them.

EDIT : I went ahead and bought it, we’ll see how it goes :slight_smile:



Off to a terrible start, the dashboard page won’t load … stays stuck on the loading.



don’t panic, you need to be logged in for the admin page to work :slight_smile: (you can change it to behave in any other way of course)

we built a dropsoucre application for mobile and accessed the endpoints of the backend. If you want the backend template to interact with your endpoints then you would need to install the API connector plugin and configure the endpoints that you have there.
Hope this helps


Yes I figured out the API connector part while playing with a blank app.

When you say “you need to be logged in for the admin page to work” … logged in where exactly ?



just go to the index page and click on sign up. after completing the sign up you can go to the dashboard and check again


Nope, still nothing…eternal loading for designer > dashboard.

How do I just disable this from the editor ?


It’s the way it’s supposed to be, all the elements are hidden groups which have conditions when to show. You can select them from the elements tree on the left side and explore, see the screenshot


I see.

Extremely unclear onboarding experience levon, you should consider improving it a little bit.

Thank you in any case, I will start playing with it, will surely have lots of questions :))



thanks for the feedback, Mehdi, yes the documentation and instructions are our weak point at the moment, we’ll try to improve. thanks


Hello levon,

Please issue a refund on my template as this is definitely not what I need, it’s almost impossible for me to modify it it’s not made to be customized apparently, I have just spent a very frustrating 2 days trying to do it with no luck.



Hi Mehdi,
sorry for your experience but it’s just a matter of understanding how Bubble works, without devoting some time to learn Bubble it would be difficult to modify any Bubble template.
Bubble in general doesn’t provide refunds (all template sales go through Bubble) but you can try reaching out at [email protected]


HI… I want to buy UDEMY clone… But who can install it for me in my host? How much to pay?


Hi Carlos,
there is no host installation cost. Once you buy the template it automatically appears in your Bubble account and you can immediately assign your own domain to it and launch.
but most likely you’ll want to customize the template a little bit. So you can either do that yourself or find a Bubble developer as I suggested to you on the other thread.
Hope this helps
Please let us know if you have other questions