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Anything to Image - How to convert image to PDF?

Hey guys,

this might be a beginner’s question, but: how do I use the “convert to PDF feature” of your plugin?

I’ve successfully set up the workflow to generate an image from a group, but for the “convert to pdf step” I cannot define an elementID of the group I want the plugin to convert to a PDF.

Could you please give instructions on how to do that?

Thanks in advance!

@kjb, hello and thanks for reaching out :slightly_smiling_face:

I suppose you can use the Event "when the AnythingtoimagePDF Success and add an action “Open external website” with the PDF URL of your converted file, just like this:

But, I suppose, it will be better if I check all possible ways with our dev team. It might take some time, so please be patient. I will get back to you as soon as I have any useful info.

Thank you for understanding :pray:


Hey, just a quick update here. We have checked the plugin and made a few fixes. Please update your plugin to the latest version and check our demo page to see how you can setup a “Convert image to PDF” workflow:

Also, if you like our plugin, feel free to rate it :slightly_smiling_face:
Thank you and take care!

Hi @kate,

thanks for your response, but unfortunately the plugin is not generating the pdf in my case.

My goal is also to save the pdf to the database.

Any instructions on that?

Thanks, Kevin


Please check out our demo page set up - it will help you to understand how you can recreate a workable workflow for creating a PDF file:

Detailed guide:

  1. firstly you should trigger the “Make image” action;
  2. secondly, when the image is created, you should set the “make PDF” action;
  3. when the PDF is created successfully, add an action “create a new thing” - https://prnt.sc/vg9dlf

Video: https://ttprivatenew.s3.amazonaws.com/pulse/73s7zq-gmail/attachments/15194907/TinyTake09-11-2020-07-59-38.mp4

I hope this info will be useful for you :pray:

Hi @kate,

thanks again for your help.

I now managed to create and save a pdf file - but the file size ends up being quite big! I just did some test conversions in order to achieve the proper measurements of an A4 invoice pdf: the group I’m converting is W:720 H: 996 with just a logo of my company which is 57kb and the whole file ends up taking up almost 3MB -> which probably is also while the entire conversion process takes quite a long time until the workflow charges through.

Any thoughts on that?
How can I optimally achieve the output of a regular, lean A4 invoice pdf that does not take up so much storage?

Edit: Also the quality of the pdf (despite the large file size) is quite bad:

Thanks in advance!


I’m afraid, the only way to affect the result file size (w/h) is by setting the width/height of the element you want to convert to an image. I can only suggest you play around with the element parameters (w/h) what you want to convert.

The plugin converts your element into the PNG image first, and then to PDF. That’s why the quality of the converted PDF file is low - a simple PNG image is being converted into the PDF file.

If you want to have a plugin that will have higher image quality and the ability to manage the output file size - I can recommend you take a look at our Bubble Page to PDF plugin or any alike. It should serve you a good job :slightly_smiling_face:


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