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App (Apple) loaded indefinitely issue

Hi, i had built a app with zeroqode, and unfortunately the app got rejected, because a “loaded indefinitely” issue.
The reported behavior was tested on a iPad with version 12 of iOS. Unfortunately, I don’t have any iPad to replicate the error. This issue wasn’t occurred in any test device. And since it is basically a shortcut to a website, all links of the site are functional and tested across a large number of devices (iPhone, Android phones, Android Tablets, PC’s, etc).
Anyone seen any abnormal behavior of zeroqode with iOS 12 or/and iPads?


I don’t know what could be the issue like this, can you send me the project using private message so I can debug on my device and try to to find a solution?

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i removed the post with the link and passwords because it’s not supposed to be open in the public. Our recorded the information and will get back to you asap

I sent you a private message, let me know if everything is ok.

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