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(Area and Line Chart Error) TypeError: s.indexOf is not a function

I’m trying to use the Air Chart Lite plugin (hoping to buy the Pro version if it works) to draw a line chart. This is my set up:

But I’m getting this error:

Happens both when drawing a line and area chart. Any ideas? Thanks!!

Hello @marcus.stromeyer,

Thank you for reaching out to us!

Can you please provide more details about the data that you’re fetching for the chart, is it an API or where do you get the information? Also make sure that for Series Data, List of Numbers is inserted and for Series Category, List of Text.

Some more screenshots would be helpful in figuring out the issue effectively!

Cheers :hugs:

Thanks @dorel! Yep it’s an API call (but I’ve also tried with random data in bubble and it still faces the same problem). It’s a list of numbers for the series data and list of text for the category (see below).

I’m getting this issue not just for line charts but for all charts. Is it possible that some “RGBAtoHEX” plugin used on your side suddenly broke?

This is the output of the SQL call made by get_transactions_by_month

Screen Shot 2023-08-15 at 12.06.26 PM

But again, I’ve tried a bunch of different data sources and they all don’t work (for bunch of different graph types). To confirm: I don’t need to “initialize” the graph in a workflow, correct?

The inspect element shows that the values are coming through:

This is the full error trace:

TypeError: s.indexOf is not a function
at e.data.RGBAToHex (PLUGIN_1673961198536x110318285068697600/Air-Chart-Pro–20–Premium-Charts-initialize–Line-Chart-.js:3:1117)
at e.data.createChart (PLUGIN_1673961198536x110318285068697600/Air-Chart-Pro–20–Premium-Charts-initialize–Line-Chart-.js:3:5965)
at eval (PLUGIN_1673961198536x110318285068697600/Air-Chart-Pro–20–Premium-Charts-update–Line-Chart-.js:3:34)
at https://mi-campo.com/package/run_debug_js/adcadc567ab3c9e5f733adbec6e11e4b9f625223daab83dd4bf6160708758226/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:17:3134571
at https://mi-campo.com/package/run_debug_js/adcadc567ab3c9e5f733adbec6e11e4b9f625223daab83dd4bf6160708758226/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:17:3167734
at D (https://mi-campo.com/package/run_debug_js/adcadc567ab3c9e5f733adbec6e11e4b9f625223daab83dd4bf6160708758226/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:17:3152576)
at https://mi-campo.com/package/run_debug_js/adcadc567ab3c9e5f733adbec6e11e4b9f625223daab83dd4bf6160708758226/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:17:3167710
at Object.j [as run_without_catching_not_ready] (https://mi-campo.com/package/run_debug_js/adcadc567ab3c9e5f733adbec6e11e4b9f625223daab83dd4bf6160708758226/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:17:3385217)
at https://mi-campo.com/package/run_debug_js/adcadc567ab3c9e5f733adbec6e11e4b9f625223daab83dd4bf6160708758226/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:17:3167674
at e._run_if_not_destroying (https://mi-campo.com/package/run_debug_js/adcadc567ab3c9e5f733adbec6e11e4b9f625223daab83dd4bf6160708758226/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:17:2768860)
at L.fn (https://mi-campo.com/package/run_debug_js/adcadc567ab3c9e5f733adbec6e11e4b9f625223daab83dd4bf6160708758226/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:17:2768726)
at L.run_me (https://mi-campo.com/package/run_debug_js/adcadc567ab3c9e5f733adbec6e11e4b9f625223daab83dd4bf6160708758226/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:17:3375559)
at a (https://mi-campo.com/package/run_debug_js/adcadc567ab3c9e5f733adbec6e11e4b9f625223daab83dd4bf6160708758226/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:17:3378197)
at https://mi-campo.com/package/run_debug_js/adcadc567ab3c9e5f733adbec6e11e4b9f625223daab83dd4bf6160708758226/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:17:3378113
at c._traceSpanCb (https://mi-campo.com/package/run_debug_js/adcadc567ab3c9e5f733adbec6e11e4b9f625223daab83dd4bf6160708758226/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:17:3080221)
at o.traceSpan (https://mi-campo.com/package/run_debug_js/adcadc567ab3c9e5f733adbec6e11e4b9f625223daab83dd4bf6160708758226/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:17:140937)
at o (https://mi-campo.com/package/run_debug_js/adcadc567ab3c9e5f733adbec6e11e4b9f625223daab83dd4bf6160708758226/xfalse/x25/run_debug.js:17:3378084)

Hi again @marcus.stromeyer

Thank you for the provided information. We tried your use-case on our side but we did not get such an error.

Would it be convenient for you to add our support@zeroqode.com account to the list of your app collaborators? It will help us to test out the plugin within your environment and find the possible root cause of the issue you have. Please, provide the edit right so we will be able to create a separate test page for this use case (to not interfere with your current application functionalities).

Since Zeroqode is on an Agency plan, it does not matter which Bubble plan your application has. So just ignore the red warning. Go to your Settings → Collaboration.

Hope to hear from you soon! :hugs:

Apologies for delay - I was off the grid for two weeks. Thanks for all the help here.

I made a big discovery. I figured out that the charts will show IF I delete a “GoogleMap Select Coordinates” element I have on the page. It’s another plugin that allows users to draw on a google map. Their link here:

I think somehow the two plugins are conflicting…I definitely need this other plugin on the same page, so let me know if you have any ideas!

Hi @marcus.stromeyer,

We are so sorry for the delayed response :frowning:

We have opened an investigation regarding your issue. As soon as we have an answer to your inquiry, you will be contacted.

Thank you so much for your understanding :pray:


Thanks! Please keep me updated

Hi @marcus.stromeyer,

Thank you for your patience!

A new update has been released, version 1.10.0 for the Air Chart Pro Plugin for Bubble. This update should fix the previous issue of not showing the Chart Element when Google Maps Element was present on the same page. Make sure you update it in the Plugins tab of your app in order to see the effect on your page.

Please give it a try and if you will have any other questions, feel free to write us here or at support@zeroqode.com.

Hope to hear from you soon :hugs:

Amazing! I will try it out this weekend and report back. Thank you for all your help :slight_smile:

Hello @marcus.stromeyer,

I hope you had an amazing weekend.

Were you able to explore the new update? If so, did you come across any issues while using it?

Wishing you a wonderful day ahead :hugs:

Hi @dorel! Apologies for the delay (I was a bit sick).

YES, that fixed it!! Thank you very much for all the help :slight_smile:

Hello @marcus.stromeyer,

We’re delighted to hear that everything is now functioning as expected.

If you’re pleased with the functionality of our plugin and the support you’ve received, we would appreciate if you could consider leaving a review to share your experience, thoughts, and suggestions. Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we encourage you to rate the plugin with as many stars as you believe it deserves.

To leave a review, please navigate to the “Plugins” tab within your Bubble editor, select the plugin, and scroll down to the section where you can provide your review.

Should you require any further assistance or have additional questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us here or via email at support@zeroqode.com.

Wishing you a wonderful day ahead! :hugs: