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Auction like Flippa

Can I get more details about admin account/page to manage the platform, and is there any way to add when I click on Admin Dashboard will transfer me to login page admin or employees with a username that the admin had created access for them?
and also with the admin dashboard i cant added an item for sale or accept and verifying the item submitted from the seller, also i would like to add a fees for submitting a domain, apps, website and Amazon for sales and the seller can’t publish his request until payment made and the admin verifying his request and accept.

Hello, we have replied to this question here: 🛍 Auctions Like Flippa - New Template from Zeroqode
we’ll respond to your further questions soon

thanks for replying,
How can I control the panel after implementing like adding new list or new feature?
Also, I would like to know if I can create username for employees and adding/assign rules before implementing?

all this is possible by tweaking the template configuration using Bubble visual editor

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