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🛍 Auctions Like Flippa - New Template from Zeroqode


We have just published new template - Auctions Like Flippa


This is a fully responsive Auctions template similar to Flippa where sellers can sell their digital assets like apps, websites etc, and buyers can make bids on listings they are interested in.
The template has these features:

  • Payment and transactions automation through Stripe
  • Blocking funds on bidder’s credit card until the auction is over.
  • Workflow to charge the highest bid and unblock the funds of all lower bids when listing expires,
  • admin account/page to manage the platform
  • Four listing types
  • three types of bidding limits “starting price”, “Reserve price”, “buy now price”
  • internal messaging system
  • admin/user/seller account types
  • watchlist
  • Listing monitor to see latest bid and brief stats

Here is the template page https://flippaclone.bubbleapps.io/

For any questions regarding this template please check out Zeroqode Forum at https://forum.zeroqode.com

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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looking for a solution where my users/publishers can auction their advertising space/assets for potential advertisers, and then take their ads/logos and actually integrate and display it on their pages/posts within my platform.

Can this work for me?


how do you envision this? what exactly should the template do for this to happen?


Hello! I want to buy this template. And have some questions: any documentation for setup this template on my website? What are the technical requirements for hosting?



Hello, Alex,
we are in the process of creating docs for our templates (you can see some of them here https://docs.zeroqode.com) and meanwhile we provide general support over forum answering questions and helping users out with the templates when they buy them
as for setting it up it’s very easy. All our templates are built on Bubble without code (you can sign up here https://bubble.is) once you buy a template you will have it in your Bubble dashboard and then you can create a web application based on that template. It will be automatically hosted by bubble so you don’t need to worry about any setup or hosting etc.) here are Bubble’s prices https://bubble.is/pricing - hope this helps


Hi Levon!

  • I am currently previewing this template and can not set the listing’s deadline to the date later than16.09.2018.
    Bidding on listings is not working too.

  • Could you tell me please, is it possible to use something other than Stripe?

Thank you for your support!

Best regards,


Hi Timur,
we’ll check the issues that you reported. As for bidding, can you please show a recording of what exactly happens when you try to bid?

yes, you can use any other payment method instead of stripe either using one of the existing plugins or by using API connector for custom configuration
Hope this helps


Hi Levon,

thank you for your message!

In my case, both “place a bid” and "buy now for… " buttons do not work. When I click these buttons nothing happens. Is it because there is no credit card/stripe connected to demo account…?

Thank you for your support!

Best regards,


We’ll check it out these days Timur and i’ll update here, must be some minor thing, nothing serious


ok! thank you, Levon!


Hi @timur.sarkisov
so we checked the issue with the template and it turned out that some workflows cannot be run correctly on Bubble apps with a “template” plan, they have to be on “personal” or above. We are discussing a solution with Bubble but please rest assured that the bids and buy now options are configured correctly and if you buy the template and subscribe it to a personal plan everything will work fine (if not we’ll fix it)


Ok! thank you, Levon!