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Audio Player load error 'push'

Hi @levon,

My audio player -private has stopped to work from yesterday.

  • Audio Player - Private

Same version as the official Audio Player plugin?

hello, @johnmark.

Are you on the latest 1.15.0 version right now? Tested the private version, the load a Audio action and it works.
Maybe reinstall , refresh the app and give another try.

Hello @Dumitru

Yes I tried to reinstall.

Try on iOS @Dumitru.

Activate Bubble ‘an unhandled error’. It sounds to break the plugin Audio Recorder (and record an empty file).

Thanks for heads-up information @johnmark

We’ll check this out, and back to you with an update on the matter asap.


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Hello @Dumitru,

Any chance to transfer my - private plugin to the official one? It’s working fine with the official one. PM. Thanks.

Hi @johnmark

Unfortunately we don’t have such mechanism to transfer a license from a private to a commercial one, it is more of a bubble regualation. However we’re working on the plugin to match both versions.
thanks for understanding. we’ll notify asap.


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Hi @Dumitru,

@Levon can fix this version problem. Thanks. PM for more details.



Hi @johnmark i’ll send you a private message now

Hi John!

Regarding the issue only if it is set to load audio on page is loaded event, which seems wrong. Maybe you could offer details with workflow, setup of your app screenshots.

I don’t have the problem anymore, thanks @Dumitru.

The second problem concerns the audio recorder. But I’m still investigating. After recording, the audio is empty. The file sent to the Bubble server is only 44 bytes. The problem occurred at the same time as for the player, two days ago. Conflict with new bubble changes? I isolate the recorder (on one page), and it works. Very difficult to pin point.


update for audio recorder. I re-install the plugin, and version 1.11 and 1.12 not asking anymore ‘access to microphone’ thing. Can’t record anything right now on my app or on the test app (recorder only).


Is it a private version of plugin or commercial one? Thanks.

Commercial one @Dumitru
All my plugins as been updated to commercial.
Something was wrong with Bubble hours ago. Now, recorder is available and working. Only have problem now with iOS.

Okay, thanks.

The demo page - https://zeroqode-demo-04.bubbleapps.io/audio_recorder
seems to be working. Both Chrome and Firefox Win10. Could you add details on the devices/os which not work. thanks.

Hi @Dumitru

The main cause for the recorder not working is a Bubble bug with iOS that not working when opening the first time in Safari. Have to refresh to make it work. In progress. Thanks.

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