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Audio Player Mobile VS desktop autoplay issue


I’m getting different behavior on mobile (android and iphone) VS desktop.

Desktop is playing upon load.

Mobile is not.

Tested on multiple devices.

Feel free to try: https://moto.bubbleapps.io/version-test/play?debug_mode=true

It happens when I use autoplay on load AND when I do not, but I use the workflow to start it when its ready.

I isolated the problem. It is because even though it detects that the player is ready, it isn’t ready ENOUGH on mobile (whatever that means I don’t know)

I had to add a delay before starting, which is not good.


actually its not consistent on mobile even with the delay

won’t play unless you hit play


Hello there @ryan1, we will check that, and I will be back of a matter ASAP.

Thank you,


Hello there @ryan1, just checked, you are right I also faced this issue, our team will check it, and I will be back with the response ASAP.

Thank you for reachin out.


Hey there @ryan1, so on our developers analysed you problem, this is not an issue, the OS policies have restrictions regarding play something without physical user interaction on mobile devices.

So on this feature isn’t possible.

Thank you,