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📻 Audio Radio Player - New Plugin from Zeroqode

The audio player with built in radio features, completely customizable using bubble elements. Get the visual style you like for your app and music going.

Video overview:

For details, screenshots and demos please visit the plugin page at: https://zeroqode.com/plugin/audio-radio-player-1573144824478x371235837970367550

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Hi @levon, I’ve just tried to test your demo on iOS iPhone and the buttons wouldn’t press.

Hey @shaun, thank you for reaching out, just tested you are right, this is usuall problem with the IOS.

We will fix it ASAP, and when it will be done I will let you know,

Thank you,

Hello there @shaun, so an FYI we have fixed this kind of issue now you check it again,

Thank you for reaching out,

I’ve just tried it on my mobile and the play button still isn’t working on my iPhone.

I’ve created a screen recording for you: https://we.tl/b-wilx5G3l20

Hope this helps.

Ps: I also checked out your CRM template ten other day and couldn’t get into the demo. I think you’ve got a bug on that as well.

Hey @shaun, could you please pinpoint the issue in CRM Template.

Do you mean this one, if yes could you describe what’s happening there?

Thank you,

Also @shaun, your video isn’t accessible, unfortunately.

But tell me, please how much are you waiting, cause in our demo the buttons isn’t clickable while the track isn’t uploaded and the player is ready.

That’s why I guess you have to wait before clicking, so on it works for me as expected.

But if you waited enough by you opinion and the player still isn’t working please let me know, and make one more video for me, for troubleshooting.

Thank you in advance,

Hi @Nikita.S, I was recommending that template to somebody at the time and the demo login wasn’t working.

With regards to the video it should be showing now. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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So on @shaun, double checked this and made an video for you https://we.tl/t-j4aDbe6IdI, as you can see here, the buttons are disabled before the track time isn’t defined.
When track time is defined, that means that your player is ready now, as I saw in the video you were changing the song before track time was defined, and this is the issue.
Please test it again, and provide me with your feedback.

Thank you so much, and regarding the demo login, here you can check that it works fine, I guess that we are talking about different CRM templates, but I suggest to show this one CRM Template to somebody.

Than you,

Guys, On the radio player plugin page you have a link to a youtube video of the audio fx plugin which afaik are two different things.

My client designed this thing and I’m wondering how I can execute it - will Radio plugin work? Can it do the waveform scrubber?


Hello there @ryan1,
Our team will check that issue in case we will need some additional details I will ask you to share them with us.

Thank you,

If you can do a waveform scrubber/slider and a tiny audio spectrogram I have a use for it. I might be able to fund development of it to make your plugin better.

Here’s the other one I need:

where the waveform is live output of the audio waveform.

Adding these capabilities would make your player able to do all use cases I can think of - all the audio players I’ve seen draw waveforms and can do spectrographs. I am currently messing around with CSS and ZoomSounds AudioPlayer, and it’s very challenging for me.

Hello there @ryan1, Regarding the custom version, we are always happy to help users by providing personalized solutions. You can reach our managers here and discuss with them the potential project and find out the estimates of effort and costs.

The form is the same for templates and plugins.

Thank you,

Hi @nikita

Someone took too much beer here? :slight_smile:

Or I’m missing something? Can you fix that?


Hey @johnmark
Nikita no longer works with us.
What exactly is wrong on that screenshot? :slight_smile: where do you see it?

Hi @levon

Nothing wrong, who told you so? :slight_smile:

BTW, have a great day and also a great year! :clinking_glasses:

Hello @johnmark,

I think @levon was referring to this message. You said that something is wrong and needs fixes. Could you please describe what is wrong and what is shown on the screenshot. This will help us to locate the problem and find a solution.

Best Regards,

Hello Alex @alex.grimacovschi

I uninstalled the audio playback. My point was simply that there are no understandable titles, so hard to understand the idea. Compared to the other ZeroQode plugins, I thought it wasn’t very serious imo. Thank to ask.

Hello John @johnmark

The point with this plugin was to have a visual representation of plugins’ elements and actions. We intended to make the plugin more user-friendly and obvious for users. Thank you very much for sharing with us your experience for us is really important to find out such details directly from customers. Also as I can see on your screen, on some devices the namings are displayed wrong. Our team will check that and the namings will be fixed.

Thanks again!

Best Regards,


The issue with namings on MacOS is fixed now the elements’ names are displayed correctly on iOS also. @johnmark, thank you for reporting.

Best Regards,

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