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Audio Recorder - Delete an unwanted File?


Hello @levon

I purchased your Audio Recorder Plugin. Is there a way to delete a recorded file after recording so I don’t bog down my Bubble App with unwanted audio files?



Hi Jordan,
you can simply run the “delete an uploaded file” workflow action and supply the file URL to it

also you can try this

hope this helps


Thanks Levon – that did it!

Also last quick question: Is there a way to limit the recorded length / automatically stop recording @ a certain time, by chance?


Hi Jordan,
not at the moment I’m afraid


Hi @levon, my audio recorder plugin is no longer working (always has until today)… Are you able to investigate bugs for your plugins?

–ISSUE: I click to start audio recorder, and it seems to work well, but then when I click to stop (and save) the audio wav file, it loads eternally, never saving the file

Please advise, thanks!


Hi Jordan,
there have been some issues with Bubble in regards to saving to database. I’d suggest you to open a bug report with them https://bubble.is/bug_report


@Levon – FYI, I submitted a bug report & they are investigating. They will make sure it’s not an issue on their end, but they advised I share the following console error with you, too, in case you may know what’s going on:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘toLowerCase’ of undefined

Any insight would be much appreciated!


Probably the same bug as for Uploader File, recorder doesn’t record anymore.
update: fixed by bubble 18h00


Ok, looks like it’s fixed @levon – however, now I’m getting a new error when trying to START the recording:

The plugin Audio Recorder / action Start / Stop a Audio Recorder threw the following error: StereoAudioRecorder is not defined

Any ideas here?


did you check plugin’s settings for “stereoaudiorecorder” setting?


I did check & couldn’t figure it out… But now it’s suddenly working again! Maybe I tweaked something without knowing. Will let you know if it happens again.


Bubble was having some issues lately, maybe that was causing it