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Audio Recorder need an update


Hi guys :slight_smile:

Something changed for 3 weeks with Bubble that affects the audio recorder with iOS Safari. The recorder must be released when leaving Safari or when a phone call is taken. On returning, the recorder lost its connection with Safari and recorded an empty audio file. The current version is 2 years old, and the latest update has the duration and the release of the microphone. It will be a great option to used ffmpeg to reduce the wav file to mp3 before sending to s3.

Best to the team,


// RecordRTC v5.5.8
// Open-Sourced: https://github.com/muaz-khan/RecordRTC


Hi John!

Let us check this and be right back to you asap. Thanks for understanding.



@johnmark Hello!

We pushed an update for Safari iOS/MacOS versions, please upgrade the plugin, place recorder element on page, refresh app and give it a try.
Thanks for patience.



Hi @Dumitru

I was unable to test it before, but version 1.14 doesn’t record anything right now on iOS.

It’s as if the plugin is not able to send the record on s3, and finally send 44 bytes.


Hi, John!

Could you please provide more details, like setup of workflow, video/screenshots so we could reproduce the issue. Thanks.



Hi Dumitru,

It works fine on any pc or mac, or Android. Even iOS simulator its working fine (with Chrome). I will prepared a page so you can test it on a real iphone. Can I PM you?