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Audio Recorder plugin audio file storage

Hey team

I’m considering buying the Audio Recorder plugin but the use case is that people record information that includes confidential information. Can you advise how and where the wav files are stored.

For example:
-are they encrypted at source
-are the encrypted at storage
-are they stored on Bubble servers on AWS
-how can I make sure the files aren’t discoverable by any other people

Thanks for your explanation

Hi @stanvanworkum,

Thanks for reaching out and providing your interest.

I’m afraid our plugin doesn’t encrypt the files per se, because when you record your audio, it simply stores this file on Bubble’s AWS, but the thing is that generated S3 link with this file is AWS’s encryption. And only the user having this link is actually able to access it. Otherwise, these files are available to the platform owner only, or your developers working on this project as they have access to the editor.

You can test this plugin here and check its editor here, to preview all settings and capabilities. Recorded files are stored in File Manager.

Hope it helps.


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Hi! I’m also interested int this plugin and I have questions.
How can I access the files recorded? can I tag them after I listen to them? can they be available to other users? can I respond to the audio files?
Also, can I use this plugin in a Bubble mobile app?

Hi @creacionuruguay, thanks for your questions.

You can access stored files in the app file manager (AWS S3) through URL (ensuring a setup that saves them there).

Yes, this is possible through a corresponding workflow.

Yes, if you will upload them to cloud storage and set up public access to the file.

Please add a bit more details on this question.

Hope it helps. Please let me know if you have any other questions that I can help with.

Thanks a lot for your help.
I mean, after I listen to an audio file, like a message, if I can respond to it with my audio message.
I’m intending to build an app where people can leave messages to professionals, like lawyer or teachers, and the pros can respond to the messages in private or letting other users also listen to the messages and the responses.
I know my explanation is messy, sorry

Hi @creacionuruguay, thanks for the provided details.

This kind of functionality is related already to the application customization works.

For guidance, please see the following links:

Hope it helps. It there is anything else that I can help with about our plugin, just drop a message here.
Have a nice weekend ahead :wink: