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AudioRecorder not enabling Mic on Iphone (iOS 13.5.1)

I just realized that the plugin Audio Recorder is not working with iPhone iOS 13.5.1 (My model is a iPhone 7 but it didn’t worked on other models too).
It does not asks for permission in the browser to record audio as it does on Adroid phones or Chrome/Safari on MacOS (Catalina).

Any suggested workarounds or ongoing solutions?

Thank you.

Hello, @gabriel. Thanks for reaching out.

I’ve checked the Audio Recorder plugin work using iPhone 11 (v. 14 beta) - there is no issue, using Safari. But you can face some troubles with Chrome if your browser settings do not allow the access to micro/camera on default. For fixing this “access to microphone” issue I can suggest you take a look at this article:

I hope it helps :pray:

Hello @kate thanks for this quick reply. I got the same as you mentioned, using safari, but had no lucky using any other browser. That’s probably an Apple limitation issue, I guess. Anyway, thanks.

hope you have a great day


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Yes, perhaps the problem is in Apple limitations or browser/iOS versions inconsistencies. Anyways, you’d better double-check your phone > Microphone settings to make sure you’ve tried everything:
https://support.apple.com/en-au/HT203792 (last section)

Apologies for such inconvenience :pray:
Have a great day too :slightly_smiling_face: