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"Authorize User A Twitter Account" Action Missing


I am using v 1.12.0 of the “Advanced Twitter API” plugin. I was looking at the documentation and live demo. I am not able to find “Authorize User A Twitter Account” as an action. I’ve checked most of the other actions and they come up as options when I search for them when building workflows.

How does one authorize a Twitter account?

Screenshot shows my installation of the plugin with the authorize action as a listed option, me trying to find the action when working on my page, and what I see when looking at the workflows configured for the demo.

Thank you.

Hello, @cbrady77586
Thanks for using our plugin :pray:

Please note that this action will be available once you configure the 1st step “Get Tokens”.
In case you can’t find this action by searching, please follow these steps:


In case you still face this issue, please let me know.
Best regards,

Thank you @Ecaterina.

I did configure the 1st step “Get Tokens,” but do not see “Authorize user a Twitter account” for setting up step 2.

Thank you.

Twitter’s developer portal has undergone updates since the original documentation was created for this plugin. Would it be possible to see some updated documentation in case I have not set up things properly on developer.twitter.com.

Would also be helpful to know if this plugin uses v1.1 or v2 access.

Thank you.

Hello, @cbrady77586
Sorry to hear it :pray:

Such behavior could be reproduced in the case of the Hidden element or in the case of the absence of a plugin element on the page.
Please check that your element is visible on your page.

Currently, we are using v.1.1 access for our plugin.

Looking to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,

Hello @Ecaterina.

The “Authorize” button is not hidden.

It would be helpful to see updated documentation for this plugin as the Twitter Developer portal has changed and does not match zeroqode’s documentation. Would that be possible?

Thank you.

Hello, @cbrady77586
Thanks for the video.

As I can see from this video, the plugin element is not placed on your page:

This plugin has a visual element Twitter account which should be used on the page.

Yes, we will check the images in the documentation and will change them as well for improving the user experience.

Our team will finish it at the nearest time :pray:
Best regards,

Thank you @Ecaterina. I now see the “authorize” option.

The numbered step by step instructions don’t say anything about putting a visual element on the page. That was new to me. When I went back and looked at the page again, I see a comment under the changelog, but still isn’t clear when to do that or on what pages.

Thank you.

Hello, @cbrady77586

The Plugin Element Properties section is located after the Plugin Actions sections and their updates. The changelogs for the plugin could be found at the end of the documentation.

We always recommend to our users to check the entire document while they configure the plugin on their page since there are some hints about the element settings and other options :pray:

In case I can help you with any additional information - let me know.
Best regards,

Hello, @cbrady77586

In this message, I would like to note that we have improved the documentation and updated the screenshots, accordingly to the new Twitter platform UI.

Hope it will be helpful for you and your plugin usage.
Best regards,