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Auto Adjust Width for RG Cells - new responsive environment

I have used just a few times the plugin Auto Adjust Width for RG Cells before Bubble io updates their responsive features. And it used to work perfectly and now it’s been an hour that I’m trying to find what would be the best setup to make this plugin work again.

  • I m working on a native app.
  • I set the plugin on the main page, not in a group
  • I did not limit the width of any elements.
  • I can see that there is a difference when I put or not the Repeating ID

On this screenshot no repeating ID

On this one I added the repeating ID

If you have a nice tip to give me, please let me know.
Best, Rémi

I can add more examples to show you the situation.

On this screenshot, there is no repeating ID:

And on this one I put the repeating ID:

So the problem is this one:

  • If I put a low minimum width for the column with an unchecked box (set the number of columns) I get what I have in my first comment.
  • If I put a larger minimum width for the column with still unchecked box (set the number of columns) this is what I get in this post.

So the plugin seems to work but I don’t know how to work around with the minimum width for the column that I have to set in the repeating group. This value seems to disturb the plugin and takes over the result.

Please let me know if you have a solution.

Hi @r2misim24, thank you for reaching out.

Unfortunately, all our plugins are developed according to the previous version of bubble responsive, we cannot guarantee that they will work 100% properly on the new responsive engine for all use cases.

Please note that the new responsive engine right now is in Beta Version, and when you are updating the current demo page of the existing plugin on zeroqode.com, there are some responsive issues.

We will consider updating all of our plugins with new responsive features not before there will be the final, updated version of the responsive engine (not beta).

If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.

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