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Hey guys,

This isn’t Zeroqode specific but I was hoping for some advice and really really hoping that you have a plugin in the works.

I am about to launch my first app thanks to the support from you guys and I have about 5k pages! As you can imagine most of these are dynamic pages and from what I can now see these pages won’t actually be indexed by Google because Bubble’s sitemap doesn’t support dynamic pages.

This seems like a major oversight and from what I can gather it has been an issue for a lot of people.

So I would just like your advice on the best way to overcome this issue.

Many thanks


Hey Shaun,
2 things here:

  1. Google indexes all the pages even if they are not in the sitemap file. Adding to sitemap somehow affects SEO but I don’t think in a critical way.
  2. you can generate your own sitemap manually and upload it to the Bubble app - that’s what we do

hope this helps

Hi @levon, thank you very much for your feedback.

I’ll follow what you do.

I’m a little worried that a large number of the courses won’t get picked up and I really don’t fancy creating a site map once a month for the site… So I’ll wait and see what happens.

Also, and this has only just occurred to me. Have you ever had a problem with google indexing the /version-test version of your site?

I’ve just had a friend run over my site to test before release and he’s pointed out that all the V-T pages are indexible.

I’ve had a look in the forums and can’t see any mention of this so I’m assuming that I’ve simply missed a setting that allows you to turn this off or that bubble automatically handles this somehow.

Thanks again for your advice :slight_smile:

yes, but this can be easily blocked in the robots.txt settings of the app - see below

yes, this is possible, however I don’t thiknk Google guarantees indexing even when all the links are in the sitemap.
SEO is such a black box - can’t tell you for sure :slight_smile:

Thanks @levon! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me out.

Great advice… I’ll do just that!