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Autostart a Plyr video

Hi, I am trying to autostart a video using the Plyr-plugin with a simple workflow.

When using debug mode, everything works as expected, but when debug is off, the video won’t start.
Also, it seems to work on Ios and Edge, but not on Chrome.

Do you have an idea of how to make the video autostart on Chrome?

Hi @oskar,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we are not able to reproduce this issue on our end. Could you please share more details like screenshots of the plugin element, console logs, also tell us whether you are using Windows or MacOS to develop your application, and browser(s) versions as well. This way, we can better investigate and understand whether it is a plugin related issue or not and get back to you with a reply asap.



Hi Alex

Thank you. This is a screenshot from the Console.

As you can see, there is an error “plyr.js:363 Uncaught (in promise) DOMException: play() failed because the user didn’t interact with the document first. https://goo.gl/xX8pDD”
I am using Chrome for Windows (83.0.4103.106)


Hi @oskar,

Thanks for your feedback. Unfortunately, we still are not able to reproduce this error on our side. Could you please go to Settings - Collaboration tab within your editor. Add our [email protected] account to your collaborator’s list. Also, please tell us your app name and page name where this problem occurs on test.

Note: avoid the warning message regarding plan, as we are an agency and you can easily add us to your collaborators.

We’ll investigate it inside your app and get back to you with a feedback asap. :pray:

Thank you for your effort. I have added you as a user. Please check the app “wcm-apps.com” and the page “online_training_5s”

Hi @oskar,

A small update here. We’ve tested your application and managed to find the reason for this error. Our development team is already working to fix the plugin-related issues. I will notify you back when it’s fixed asap.


Hi @oskar,

I’m reaching out with an update. Our development team has managed to plugin bugs, but the error with ‘play() failed’ it is not interacting with DOM, meaning you’re not interacting with the client-side like clicking on something etc., is because browsers updated the policies and it will not be possible to use the Play action on page load event, unfortunately. However, you’d be able to use it successfully when setting a workflow when a button is clicked, for instance.

Please upgrade the plugin to the latest version, refresh your app and give it a try.

Thanks a lot for your patience. :pray: