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Avaatar Set up Issue


Just bought the avatar creator plug in, but the zeroqode is not letting access the demo editor so I can learn how to implement it. I’m getting this error that says I don’t have access.


Hello, @bigfern
Thanks for reaching out.

Please check this link on your end: zeroqode-demo-12 | Bubble Editor
Now, it should be visible for you :slightly_smiling_face: :pray:

Best regards,

Thanks it works!

Just curious, is there anyway to customize this further - for example - I want to add an additional attribute not currently there, like everyone can choose a pet animal to add to the avatar.

Let me know. Thanks

Hello, @bigfern
Happy to hear that is works now.

Please allow me to mention that currently, there is no such option within this plugin. We will take into consideration the ability to add an animal avatars in future updates. We need to see how feasible it is to implement. Thanks for understanding and for your feedback!

Best regards,