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Avatar Creator - New Plugin from Zeroqode

This plugin allows you to create cool avatars giving you the full control over how exactly the avatar should look, what face expression, what hair, dress and other attributes you want to see in it :slight_smile: It comes with an option to generate a random avatar if you want to simply assign various avatars to your users when they sign up or you can allow your users to configure their own avatars.

And here is the plugin page: https://zeroqode.com/plugin/avatar-creator-1541160567302x323327810719973400

Levon Terteryan

Founder @ Zeroqode


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Hi , i subscribed to this plugin , but when add the “avatar” element to my page and try to apply the same work flow in the plugin demo " https://bubble.is/page?type=page&name=avatar_creator&id=zeroqode-demo-12&tab=tabs-1 " the avatar element doesn’t exist , please check the screen shots

Hi zeroqode , just to keep you update about this plugin , i refresh the page and the avatar element display , but this popup error now display now

Note : i am doing the same workflow as in the demo in the plugin page , but i can’t control the buttons " random" and custom " , please check the above screen shot

Best Regards

this plugin has 2 options: one to put a visual element on the page the other is through workflows.
Also, are you sure the plugin is installed correctly? because the errors on the screenshot say that the plugin is not installed

Yes , please check the screen shot !


Hi @levon i am trying to work on this plugin without any progress , lot of issues related to this plugin :

1- After subscribe to this plugin and drop the “Avatar” element in the page editor , then click on [ work flow/ Elements action / generate random avatar a Avatar ] but the drop down choices not display below the avatar element , please check the screen shot

2- when i click on the “preview” the avatar with 2 button " random ,custom" display , and i can’t edit these 2 buttons OR hide the drop down choices [ please check the above screen shot ]

3- How i can download the avatar image in the work flow ?

Looking Forward to hear from you
Best Regards

Hello, we have fixed the issue and added some custom states so the plugin now returns various states related to the avatar that you can use in the dropdown (See screenshot below)
please upgrade to the plugin’s latest version and then refresh the browser to give it another try.
hope this helps

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Hi @levon thanks for your support , for downloading point , i am using "easy down loader plugin , and i put the work flow like this " please check the screen shot " , error pop up display without download the image , kindly check it

are you sure it’s placed in the right group? Are you clicking the button when the avatar is ready?

Hi @levon , yes i think it is in the right group , i am sure it is in the "avatar group " please check the screen shot

2- Please check the " Clothes color " value , i have changes it and test it on all type of clothes , and it is not working !

we’ll check it out, thanks

hello, the cause of this issue was that the “file name” field was left blank. You can put some value there (including a dynamic value). however we have improved the plugin and now if that field is blank the plugin will simply give some standard name to the file. If you want to use that update simply upgrade to plugin’s latest version

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Hi @levon , i have updated the plugin , and the pop up error didn’t display anymore , but the image not download too , please check the screen shot , i think i did all things right , but when i click on the download button , it is not working for me !! KINDLY SUPPORT

did you upgrade the file downloader to the last version?

@levon , yes , please check the version i selected in the above screen shot " 1.2.0"

Hello @ciscotreasure.

We have fixed the issue and made Easy Downloader plugin update.

Try to upgrade the Easy Downloader plugin to the last version please.

Hope it will helps.

Regards !
Zeroqode Team.

Hello @pavel , Thanks for the support , it works fine now , but the image downloaded with "SVG " extension , can we change the extension to : JPG ,PNG ?


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avatar plugin generates svg images, if you want to convert it to jpg you would need to use another plugin from us https://zeroqode.com/plugin/svg-converter-1545272287554x991649648533831700

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