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Avatar PlugIn Bubble


Hello, I’m currently using the Avatar Creator PlugIn on Bubble and I’m facing a problem saving the url.

I followed the steps put in the demo, however all the generated avatars are being saved as the same url (https://avataaars.io/)

How can I change that?


Hello @khattarwael,

Thank you for reaching out!
Can you please confirm that for saving you are using the following settings?
“url = Avataar Name’s Avarat URL”

Best Regards,



Hello @khattarwael,

Thank you for providing the screenshots!

Most probably the issue that you are facing appears because the plugin doesn’t have enough time to generate the Avatar. As a result, the second part of the URL is not generated. Could you try to add a pause between the action “Generate Avataar” and “Create a new Avataar”? Please let me know if the solution worked.

Best Regards,