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Avatar PlugIn Bubble

Hello, I’m currently using the Avatar Creator PlugIn on Bubble and I’m facing a problem saving the url.

I followed the steps put in the demo, however all the generated avatars are being saved as the same url (https://avataaars.io/)

How can I change that?

Hello @khattarwael,

Thank you for reaching out!
Can you please confirm that for saving you are using the following settings?
“url = Avataar Name’s Avarat URL”

Best Regards,

Hello @khattarwael,

Thank you for providing the screenshots!

Most probably the issue that you are facing appears because the plugin doesn’t have enough time to generate the Avatar. As a result, the second part of the URL is not generated. Could you try to add a pause between the action “Generate Avataar” and “Create a new Avataar”? Please let me know if the solution worked.

Best Regards,

Hi there! I am experiencing this same error when I try to generate a random avatar upon the sign-in popup being show. I added a pause which worked!

But now I am getting an empty error every time the avatar is shown in a sign-in popup:

Any way to get rid of that?

Hello @joe

Can you provide more details about the encountered issue, like screenshots of workflow/setup, steps to reproduce the issue, OS version, etc? So we could help you better.
Thanks for understanding.


Hi! You can visit this page to test it out: https://trivianight.app/version-test/game/ndndndn-1589608442443x909315908582768600

The popup, which is to let folks login when they want to join a game, shows that blank avatar when the popup is shown upon page load. This only shows when the current user isn’t logged in OR they don’t have a name attached yet.

The workflow that shows the popup upon page load and the current user meets the above criteria:

And the “redo” icon on the bottom right of the avatar is what generates a new avatar each time. It seems like it does generate a new one like it should, but the avatar doesn’t show still.

In the popup, I also have a workflow that runs when the popup is opened, to generate a random avatar. I added a pause before that though like you all mentioned to do:

Hi @joe

Thanks for info, we’ll check this out and be back to you with an update on the matter, asap.
Thanks for understanding.


Hi @joe

We’ve tested the scenario, on both our test site and your app, unfortunately, we could not replicate the issue as it still generates the avatar correctly in the workflow.

Can you check on your side? Please and thank you.

hey Dumitru!

Thanks for your help!

Does it work in dev environments? I think it’s honestly been hit-or-miss lately for folks.

Here’s another test game just in case: https://trivianight.app/version-test/game/test-game-1590082966762x837733562853621800

By the way, I’m realizing sometimes the images take forever to load but they do appear after a couple minutes. Is there a way to save a user’s avatar image straight to their account? I think that would make things so much faster.

Hello @joe

We’ve checked again the application again, and we could not find the issue of failing to load the avatar.
Could recommend changing the workflow, like before the pop-up appears on page load add pause with a loading screen of sorts.
After that add event to show a pop-up with the option to generate the avatar.

As for saving the image, currently, it is not possible to retrieve the image from the Avatar element unfortunately.

Hope this helps.


Hey Dumitru!

Back again :smile:

I seem to be running into the same issues again - I’m still unsure why I’d need to be setting up a workflow to pause prior to generating the avatar?

Before, it worked 80% of the time. Now the avatars no longer generate at all.

Hi @joe,

Thanks for your feedback. Let me jump in here to help you.

The problem is in the When popup is opened event, because our plugin doesn’t manage to apply a certain styling (when generating a random avatar) with this event, which is why it is throwing this error. So, when you Add a pause before next action, it actually manages to apply the styling first, thus, successfully generating an avatar and displaying it.

But the issue with this event integration is that User Experience isn’t that good, because the popup opens and the avatar loads with a pause.

The best way to make things run smoothly and with no issues, is using a button-click event and you will not have to add a pause before next action.

So, instead of doing this: (images for illustration purposes)

You simply implement the workflow in this way:


However, we have tested your application among all browsers on both Mac and Windows and we cannot reproduce this problem. Everything works properly.

Please give it a try with instructions mentioned above, and if you still have the same or any other problems, please share details of your current workflow setup, as well as browser and OS versions so we can have a better investigation.