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Aws error upon upload

Is there some kind of security measure that is set to expire on the aws s3 ?

i was uploading without issue for 10 days but now I get this error

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“UTF-8”?> <Error><Code>AuthorizationHeaderMalformed</Code><Message>The authorization header is malformed; Invalid credential date. Date is not the same as X-Amz-Date

Hi Jeff, did you upgrade to plugn’s latest version?
if yes, we need to see the link where this happens, or otherwise just take a screenshot of console messages so we could debug

I will but it’s working now (wasn’t working just 30 minutes ago) as soon as it stops working I will screenshot the log. I can also invite you as collab.

EDIT - I just checked - it wasn’t 30 minutes ago that it was failing, it was an hour ago (before midnight) Since “invalid credential date” is in the error code, could this be related?

yes, it’s somehow related to the dates

So it worked all day - after 8pm now and it’s not working. Here is a test page. I can invite you as a collab if you want.


Edit - is there somewhere I can PM you the screenshot of logs and error? I don’t know what private info is included in these numbers.

yes, please add plugins@zeroqode.com as a collaborator to your app. You can send the screenshots to support@zeroqode.com

@jeffmccutcheon Hello.

As mentioned in this thread - AWS uploader plug help! (Date is not the same as X-Amz-Date)
we are still working out to fix the issue with both bubble and amazon. However we pushed an update to plugin, please give it a try and upgrade to latest version