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AWS File uploader access same file

Plugin works great, but want to know if there is a way to specify which file within a bucket to upload to.

So for example.

  1. Lets say I have an image I upload and is set to “uuid/filename”
  2. The unique file is created and the file is added.
  3. I now want to use that same file id to add additional images for the same user so that all files from a unique user are located in the same file, rather than all being added in the same bucket or the same file.

Is this possible?

If not can you add this to the features list?



Hello, Steve

Thanks for the feedback on AWS File Uploader plugin!

We will investigate your question with our Tech Team, to figure out if it is possible to implement this functionality. In any case, I will contact you as soon as there will be any info.

Best wishes,


Sorry for the delay. We have analyzed the features suggested by you. Theoretically, it is quite performable changes, with which the AWS File Uploader can handle. Also, it is truly possible, that in the nearest plugin update this functionality will be included :slight_smile:

Thank you for your question! Stay safe,