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AWS File Uploader and PDF Page Converter

First of all, thank you very much for all your plugins, we have bought a few of them and they are fantastic!

I came to ask you about 2 of them. We have the plugin to upload files to AWS File Uploader and also the plugin to convert a page to PDF.

I know that you can upload the file to the AWS system integrated in Bubble, but I would like to be able to upload it to an amazon bucket that we have created and that we use with your plugin.

Thank you very much.

Hello, @pbenito
Thanks for reaching out.

As I understand you correctly, you are willing to upload generated PDF files to your personal AWS Bucket.
If yes, please note that it is not possible to create this flow directly.

After converting your page to a PDF file, you receive an indirect link to that file, which could not be uploaded to the AWS.
The only possibility to do it - manually upload generated PDF file to the Bubble’s AWS bucket through the File Uploader element.

Hope this information will be useful for you. If I can help you with anything else- let me know.
Best regards,

Well, that’s a shame. It would be very interesting as both plugins are yours to be able to have an integration between both services.

Thanks anyway.

Hey, @pbenito
Thanks for the suggestion.

We will take into consideration your proposal for the integration of these services. However, please note that each user could store generated files not only in AWS storage but other resources.

That’s why it is easier to play around and find a way to connect the platforms or manually upload files from your app to AWS.

In case I will have any updates regarding your request, I will notify you.
Thanks for your understanding.

Best regards,