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AWS File uploader - file names

Hi, is there any way to save a file name’s spaces like they are?

Whenever I try to save a file with spaces in it’s name, those spaces are changed. While saving, I save the URLs and the names of the files straight to Bubble. Then I show the names in a repeating group (since saving to AWS also adds prefixes to all the files, which I don’t want my users to see), and the problems with saving the names are:

  1. AWS-names: space is changed to %0020.
  2. Bubble-names: space is changed to %0020.
  3. AWS-URLs: space is changed to %250020.
  4. Bubble-URLs: space is changed to %250020.
  5. In the repeating group, the names show 20.

The problems for me are:

  1. The name of the file in the repeating group comes back with 20 instead of the space. I would like it to show correctly.
  2. I can’t make a workflows for view and delete because my workflows for these operations are:
    a) Get all files to S3Objects.
    b) Take a) list and filter the one file which has an exact name of the current cell’s file name. (I realize there could be problems if there are multiple files with exact same name, but I couldn’t think of a better way to do this).
    c) view/delete that file.

Is there maybe a way to do this correctly in this way? Or maybe there’s another way for me to structure my page to be able to:

  1. Upload files.
  2. Show a list of those files with the exact names a User uploaded.
  3. View/delete files one by one.

Hello, @giedraitis.mantas.21
Thanks for reaching out.

Unfortunately, but the symbols like space, - _ . ! ~ * ’ ( ) cannot be recognized and encoded by the AWS platform.
In order to prevent the download from being canceled, all invalid characters are replaced by “%”.
The plugin returns you not the name of the file from the bucket, but the original name of the file.
Please check this documentation in case of necessity: encodeURIComponent() - JavaScript | MDN

The simplest way to avoid issues with file uploading is to follow the list with the wrong characters and just to delete them from the title.

Please find the example from the Demo Page of the plugin work:

So, as you can see, in case of an incorrect symbol in the file title, you will receive such link in the File URL.

Also, can you please share with us the Settings for the Repeating Group, where you upload the files and retrieve the links? It will help me to check more carefully your request.

So, you upload a file to the bucket and in your S3 can see the name of the file, which were uploaded. But the plugin returns you not the name of the file from the bucket, but the original name of the file.

In case I can help you with any additional information - please let me know.
Best regards,