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AWS File Uploader Help - How to cancel upload when exiting crop mode

Hi there,
When using the AWS Fileuploader plugin, I can’t find a way for it to allow the user to cancel the upload once you get to the crop window.

There are 3 things you can do, as shown in the screenshot.

Option 1. Click [X]
Option 2. Click Cancel
Option 3. Click Crop

This may be an IMGIX thing if that’s what the plugin is using, but feels like this plugin should be able to provide the right controls.

Options 1&2 cancel the crop but the file continues to upload.

Is there a way to cancel the upload once you’ve got to that crop window? It feels disruptive to the workflow to try and exit something only for a file upload to continue.

Ideally (in my mind) it would work this way:

Clicking the X cancels the entire upload flow, and a 3rd button could be presented so that you can do the following:

  • Cancel file upload (complete exit of the upload process)
  • Upload the original (exiting the crop but continuing)
  • Crop and upload.

So my question at this time is, is it possible at all to cancel the file upload once you’ve reached the crop window?

And can I customize what happens when the X is clicked? (i.e. intercept an event in a workflow).

Many thanks!

Hello, @oli1
Thanks for reaching out and for your feedback.

Please allow me to add a few details here for your note.
This “cancel” button is related not to the uploading process, but to cropping. So, in case you press on this button, the cropping will be stopped and the image will be uploaded with the initial size.

Please check this screencast:

On this screencast, you can find the next actions:

  • Uploading an image with the cropping;
  • Uploading the image without the cropping (by pressing the cancel. after pressing the “Remove” below the image, this file will be removed from your bucket as well);
  • Uploading the image without cropping and stopping the process of uploading.

Yes, you for sure can add action to the X.

You can disable the cropping of the image at all, so your users will be able to remove the file immediately after uploading. Now, this is the only possible option with the Gui element.

In case you have any plugin-related questions, please let me know.
Best regards,

Thank you.
How do I add the action to the X?

Hello, @oli1
Thanks for your question.

Please forgive me for misleading you. The “x” button is part of the plugin functionality, so, currently, you can’t add a separate workflow for it.

However, please allow me to discuss with our Developers what is possible in this use case :pray: :blush:

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Best regards,

Hi there,
Did you developers give you any information about possibilities?

Hello, @oli1
Thanks for your question.

I discussed repeatedly with our Developer Team and unfortunately, there is no possibility to add workflow to the “X” button.
We will take into consideration adding this feature for future plugin updates :pray:

Thanks for the understanding and your suggestion.
Best regards,