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AWS File Uploader - Issue with content encoding

While uploading the files to my AWS, using the AWS uploader plugin, the file metadata content-encoding is set as “base64” by default.

This is causing some issues when I’m sending this URL to Facebook, post removing the content encoding manually in AWS, Facebook is not throwing any error.

Is this something which the plugin sets while uploading the file to AWS? Any help here would be appreciated.

Hello @alan thank you for reaching out!

We will investigate the plugin and will get back to you with an answer ASAP!

Best Regards,

Hello @alex.grimacovschi , any update here? As this plugin is being used by many our users, this is impacting the stability of our platform. Would appreciate if you could expedite a bit from your end. Thanks

Hello @alan

Let me jump in here. I’m kinda lost here, what exactly is the issue ? The plugin element File Uploader uploads files into the bucket, while encoding the images in base64.
There is nothing special to be set in the plugin proprieties.
Hope this helps.
Thanks for understanding.

Hello @Dumitru, Is there any way we can upload the images/videos into the bucket without encoding in base64, using this plugin?

Base 64 encoding is creating an issue with Facebook API.

At-least while uploading videos if we could upload without adding the base64 ecoding, that will work for us.

Hello @alan,

It is possible to upload files without encoding in base64. For uploading without encoding will be needed to use the Element File Upload No GUI. Unfortunately, this is the only way how files can be uploaded without encoding. Hope that solution will work for you.

Best Regards,

Thanks for replying @alex.grimacovschi. “Element File Upload No GUI” is the same as native bubble file uploader, right?

It is not exactly the same as the native bubble file uploader as it doesn’t have a visual representation on the page. You can find the element and see how it works at the bottom of our demo page. https://zeroqode-demo-02.bubbleapps.io/aws-uploader

Best Regards,

@alex.grimacovschi, No GUI uploader should work for now.
But wanted to clarify one thing, can I upload files of any size using the No GUI file uploader? No size restrictions right?

@alan Yes, right, the element doesn’t have any limitations in terms of file size.

Best Regards,