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AWS File Uploader Issue

I’ve been using this plugin for a while with no issues, but recently upgraded from version 1.50.0 to the latest version 1.63.0 and am now experiencing an issue with the file uploader element.

The element appears on the screen correctly on pageload (see below):

But when I use the ‘reset input a file uploader’ action in a workflow to reset the element, it changes size (height increases 3-4 times) as it appears on the page (see below):

It was fine in the older version I was using so must be an issue with the latest version.

Hello @adam1

Thanks for reaching out and sorry for the trouble. :pray:

Could you kindly provide more details , like page setup, what types of groups/elements are present on page, are there any overlapping elements , any CSS styles are provided, some additional screenshots etc. would help us check this better?

Thanks for understanding :pray:


Hi @Dumitru,

Thanks for responding…

Yea sure, here’s screen shot of my workflow:

The reset action is step 7.

If I take that action out and don’t reset the uploader then there’s no problem with the element changing size, so it’s definitely the reset element that is causing it.

Also, interestingly, if I put a pause of about 3 seconds between step 6 and the resetAWS action, then the size remains correct after it’s reset. but any less than 3 seconds and it doesn’t.

Also I’ve tried putting the reset AWS action at different points in the workflow, and it doesn’t make any difference.

Just to re-iterate, this wasn’t happening with version 1.50.0 - it’s only started since I upgraded yesterday.

The blue upload element should have a height of 40 (and according the debuger still does even after it’s reset and changed in size).

The element is contained in a group which also has a height of 40 and isn’t overlapping anything.

As I said, it was working fine in version 1.50.0 (and still is), it’s just an issue since upgrading to version 1.63.0

Hi @adam1,

Let me jump in here to help you!

Could you please also share plugin element settings (with all fields and checkboxes) so we can replicate it on our side and see where the possible problem might be.

Also, what browser and OS you are using to develop your app?

Does the Parent group have a fixed-width? It would be best to share the group element settings as well, for a proper investigation.

We’ll get back to you with working solutions asap!