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AWS File Uploader issues (Android Webview App)


Dear ZeroQode support team,

I have discovered a number of issues in the AWS File Uploader Plug-in. There is a difference in functionality as soon as the app is included in the Google Play store. These are the differences:

  1. As soon as you upload multiple images, the AWS uploader will no longer show previews.
  2. The screen (container) does not become larger as soon as multiple photos are uploaded.
  3. Uploading videos (single and multiple) from a camera is not possible.
  4. The restriction on the type of files to be uploaded is set in the Bubble App but in the Android App you can upload all kinds of other files.

Link to the Bubble App: https://likejewijk.app/
Link to the App in the Google Play Store: https://bit.ly/2Qr7qOJ

Within a normal webbrowser the AWS file uploader works just fine.

Can you solve these issues please?



Hello @idpro1

Thank you for reaching out and feedback. In order to understand if you like the plugin, as well as make sure it fits within your required functionality, we are providing the opportunity to demo it via demo pages. We strongly encourage you to test it, before purchase.

Please make note that all of our plugins are fully functional when are shipped with the described features while complying to bubble’s rules and marketplace policies on building and publishing - https://manual.bubble.io/building-plugins.html .
Plugins are build first and foremost with Bubble web application in mind and web browsers compatibility accordingly, where they’re used.
Thanks for understanding.
If you have any other questions let us know.



Thanks for your reply.

Too bad that the AWS file uploader plugin doesn’t work out of the box in a webview app.
So maybe it’s better for me to use your native apps service where everything works exactly like in your browser, to get the AWS file uploader working?


Please reply because we have to move on…


Hello @idpro1

Apologies for late response here, the plugins could work inside the wrapper however not 100% accurately, unfortunately.
Sorry for not being helpful.



This it not the answer I was hoping for. It cost us lots of time, money and effort to build the app with your AWS File Uploader as main feature in the app. We did a lot of research on your website and based on your text on your website_“The app will look and work exactly as it does in the mobile browser”_ we decided to build it. Now we know better. Do you have any suggestion where to start as we are completely dependant of no code suppliers like you?


Dear @idpro1, hello.

Sorry for late response and apologies to hear about your experience.

However due to nature of the plugins and native wrappers, there is no 100% guarantee, that every plugin will behave in both instances exactly.
It was an uncommon instance and we’ll do better.
Thank you for bringing this to our attention, it will take us some time to test plugin behavior in order to provide an definitive answer.

Thanks for understanding.



Thanks for your response. We are curious about the outcome of your tests. We will wait for that. We also have extensively tested this plugin and would like to inform you that the AWS file uploader works as expected in the iOS wrapper.



Good morning @Dumitru, our App is ready for launching but we are still waiting for you guys. Any news about the different behaviour bug of the AWS file uploader plugin in the Android wrapper solution?


Hello @idpro1!

Sorry we’re still checking on our side, the plugin inside the webview.
We’ll provide info regarding it asap.
Thanks for understanding.



@idpro1 Hello.

Thanks for patience, we’re still making test with additional resources thrown in, however we’ll need to check your android app as well.
We’d need the application file since we tried to download it from google play : https://bit.ly/2Qr7qOJ though it’s not possible, since it’s not available in our region.
Thanks for cooperation and understanding.




Thanks for your support!
I created this APK for testing.