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AWS File Uploader

Ok so turns out the ‘Server returned 0 code’ error was caused by not specifying a file type in the Bubble dialog box for the File Upload panel. Oops. That part is resolved.

Now I have another issue.

I can upload files to my S3 bucket, but the first file I upload always results in a 403 (Forbidden) error from Amazon. Any file which is uploaded after the first (on the same page without a refresh) does not have this issue. What could this be caused by?

Hi @dylang

Maybe some rules which require CORS modifications for you. Try adding to CORS Rule:


Also more info regarding AWS which can help: https://blog.fineuploader.com/fine-uploader-s3-upload-directly-to-amazon-s3-from-your-browser-3d9dcdcc0f33
See the configuration of you bucket and try adjusting accordingly.
Hope this helps.


also, if it doesn’t help please make a screenshot of the “network” tab from the console when making an unsuccessful call.
The screenshot should look like this:


I’m having the same 0 code error, could you please elaborate by what you mean by specifying file type? I thought the File Upload element automatically inferred that?

where did you see this?

In @dylang initial comment.

Hi @jeffmccutcheon,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, this error is not reproducing on our side. Could you please go through our docs again just to make sure everything is configured properly.

If you still have this problem in Live, please share a bit more details like screenshots and/or screencast of your app and plugin setups, with exact steps to reproduce this problem so we can try it on our side. Also, it would help a lot to see your console logs for this error message, as well as browser and OS version you are using to develop the app. This way we can have a better troubleshooting then provide working solutions asap.


I have found the uploader often fails if placed inside a repeating group, or in a popup. But it works just fine otherwise so I never place it in either.

Hi @jeffmccutcheon,

Unfortunately, these issues are not reproducing on our side. Could you please share screenshots and/or screencast with your Design setups and plugin element settings, so we can replicate the exact steps on our side and see where the problem is.

Also, please tell us your browser and OS version, and of course the preview results with the issues you encounter.

This way, we can have a better investigation then provide working solutions asap!