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AWS File Uploader


Ok so turns out the ‘Server returned 0 code’ error was caused by not specifying a file type in the Bubble dialog box for the File Upload panel. Oops. That part is resolved.

Now I have another issue.

I can upload files to my S3 bucket, but the first file I upload always results in a 403 (Forbidden) error from Amazon. Any file which is uploaded after the first (on the same page without a refresh) does not have this issue. What could this be caused by?


Hi @dylang

Maybe some rules which require CORS modifications for you. Try adding to CORS Rule:


Also more info regarding AWS which can help: https://blog.fineuploader.com/fine-uploader-s3-upload-directly-to-amazon-s3-from-your-browser-3d9dcdcc0f33
See the configuration of you bucket and try adjusting accordingly.
Hope this helps.



also, if it doesn’t help please make a screenshot of the “network” tab from the console when making an unsuccessful call.
The screenshot should look like this:



I’m having the same 0 code error, could you please elaborate by what you mean by specifying file type? I thought the File Upload element automatically inferred that?


where did you see this?


In @dylang initial comment.