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Hi I’m using the AWS Plugin, I have managed to set it up, I succesfully upload file in my aws account using the No GUI tool.
I also want to display the pdf file I upload using PDF Embeded Plugin (by https://bubble.io/contributor/bobble-1532941254273x275345531990751600)
When I use the local of bubble, I manage to display them easily but when I use AWS Storage and refer to a file I have the download file pop up instead of displaying the file?
I suppose this is due to the link or something else
Example: One link from my bucket is
Do you have an idea to solve this

Thanks in advance

Hello there @chimeresompare, our team will analyse your request If we will need additional info I will be back to you.

Thanks for reaching out,

Hello there @chimeresompare, we checked your case, first of all I suggest you to set up the AWS bucket policy for allowing the preview mode of the docs which was uploaded.

For doing this we added this piece of code in AWS settings.

But for additional security settings, I suggest you read this one documentation.

Let me know if after this changes everything works fine.

Thank you,