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AWS Sync to Bubble Table

I am using the AWS Plugin.

I have successfully connected to S3 and loaded files into it from Bubble, I know I’ll need to lock permissions down more later but I have the load working.

Can I use the list of the “Get all objects from S3” to create rows in a table in bubble where I want to store both the name and the URL in my table?

Each file in S3 has a series of other useful attributes which I store in bubble

We are loading large amounts of files directly into S3, and I want to download the S3 list, filter out URLs that have already been processed into bubble, and set up records for the newly added files.

What I have noticed is that while I can schedule an API workflow on the list of texts of the URLs, I can’t then refer to the corresponding record in the S3 list to pull the name out of it as an additional field on my create.

Am I doing something wrong or can you suggest a workaround?


Hello @richard2,

Thank you for reaching out.

The idea is that if you have a plugin with an element which have to be on the page then it is impossible to access the data through the API workflow. This is how the plugins work. That’s why you cant refer to the corresponding record in the S3 list.

What I can suggest is to save all the data regarding the files in the Bubble database and then access it directly without API calls.

I hope this helps.

If you have any further questions please let me know.

Best Regards,