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AWS uploader doesn't show up

Hi, I just signed up for the AWS uploader plugin and followed the AWS storage setup instructions. I tried to place the AWS fileuploader A, the bubble file uploader, and the AWS noGUI uploader into a blank group to test. The AWS fileuploader A shows after I chose a solid background color but nothing happens when I click. The bubble uploader works fine and the noGui uploader generates the following error:

I’m currently on version 1.51. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Update: I did additional testing and I was able to use the Uploader and upload files to my AWS account on an empty test page on my app. However, this issue occurs whenever I’m trying to add this element inside a reusable element. Any recommendations?

Hi @rick,

Thanks for reaching out and using our products. Could you please share a couple of more details, especially screenshots of your application and plugin setup with all property editor settings to be visible, as well as the exact steps to reproduce this issue. Because currently we are not able to reproduce it on our side, but with a bit more details we’ll be able to investigate and get back to you with feedback asap.

Note: if uploader elements are placed inside group elements, that are fixed-width, please mention showcase it as well.


Hi Alex,

This is the scenario that is not working:
File Uploader (default settings) in a transparent group inside a reusable element.

This is the placeholder group for the file uploader. The condition sets the window to be visible.

This is the settings for the uploader:

This is the settings for the reusable:

This is what it looks like on preview:
The uploader is not visible but when you use the inspector and hover over the element, the properties show.

At the same time, if I put the uploader (default settings) in a blank page, it works - I can upload and see the file in my AWS account.


Thanks @rick for feedback.

Unfortunately, this issue is not reproducing on our side. But the problem with this setup seems to be at this point:

The parent Group element is not visible on page load, which is why you cannot see and use it properly on Preview.

Please try to make this group visible then give it a try again.

Or you can use it on a blank page to make things run smoothly if you will. Also, please make sure that this plugin is upgraded to the latest version.

If you’d still have the same or any other issues, we’ll check on your app to investigate it inside.

Hope it helps.


Thanks for looking into this, I’ll take some time later to test it out and see what’s going on. I agree there is something with my group settings that’s messing things up.


Hi Alex,

I was wondering if this plugin has workflows that will allow me to upload files into AWS without using the uploader or noGUI uploader? I’m also looking at the Google Drive Plugin as well but the demo pages are throwing an error:

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 8.28.18 PM

Are the Google Drive plugins still supported? Both plugins are generating errors…

Would be great if I can find a solution…Thanks!

Hi @rick,

Thanks for feedback. Unfortunately, no. It is only possible to upload files into your AWS account with our plugin via File uploader or NoGUI uploader.

As for Google Drive plugins, they are all up-and-running, and you are able to test them out here:

But this error:


is a completely different plugin - Box. Please let me know if you are currently interested in this one, because you are able to test both Google Drive plugins and it doesn’t throw any error messages. It could show you a warning message, due to testing environment with our testing accounts, but the plugin is working properly.


Hey Alex,

Sorry about the wrong screenshot - I was looking at both Drive plugins along with the Box plugin but noticed error messages in all plugins. I’ll install and test them out.


Thanks @rick for feedback.

You can also find more information and guidance, here - https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/google-drive-plugin and here - https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/google-drive-service-acc.-plugin for both plugins. As well as links to editors to preview all plugin settings and available features, before purchase.