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AWS Uploader - file limits

Hello, Hope you are well!

Sorry to bother you all. Just have a simple question regarding aws uploader (tried to look in forum but dont think anyone has mentioned it)

Is there a setting to set max amount of files to upload &/or max total size of upload (all files size total)?

Just don’t want clients to upload all the data they want.

Cheers, and sorry if I’ve somehow missed the basic setting somewhere

Edit: add-on.
Is there a way to stop it from auto uploading? Instead, wait for the uploader to be initialised via a workflow? (GUI version) Kinda like your other uploader, the multi-uploader

Hi @haydos99,

Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, it is not possible to restrict the number of uploaded files with AWS Uploader, but you are able to set the max file size:


The only way of restricting the number of files per upload is this checkbox:


So users can upload only one file. But anyways it is going to let them upload, whether multiple or single one. Unfortunately, there is no way to control it compared to Multi-Uploader plugin. Perhaps this one would be a better fit for your needs.

However, we’ve taken your feedback into account and will look into future possibilities for plugin improvement if feasible.


Thank you for quick reply dude!

Just confirming the max file size is a per file size basis correct? Not the overall total upload size.

Not sure if this is something that can be done, but am i able to pay for this sort of feature implemmentation?

  1. the total upload size limit
  2. stop auto uploading in GUI version and then start via workflow?

Cheers dude!

Thanks @haydos99 for feedback.

Yes, this is per file rather than per upload size. Unfortunately there is no way to set a total size upload.

We currently do not take requests for plugin customizations, but we certainly took your feedback into account to look into future possibilities for improvement, if feasible!