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AWS uploader in popup window. Forcing "crop the image" window on top of popup

I am using the AWS uploader (with GUI) inside a pop up window. I have “Allow image cropping” on. When I start the upload the crop window pop-up opens behind my pop up window. So I am not able to access the AWS uploader “crop the image” window until I hide my pop-up window that has the AWS uploader placed.

Is there a way to force the “crop the image” window/popup to come up on top of my popup element in place of behind it?

Hello, @yamirb
Thanks for reaching out.

I need to note that we fixed this issue in the latest plugin version. Please check if you are using the latest version, and if not - upgrade it in your application.
Please check it and let me know if it works. If not, please share with me the screenshots of your current settings for the plugin element and pop-up.

Looking to hearing from you soon.
Best regards,

@Ecaterina perfect. The version update fixed the issue of the popup. But now I am having this error which I did not have earlier. I have updated to version 1.123 for AWS file uploader

I checked my plug in settins looks ok.

Screen Shot 2023-03-13 at 7.58.15 PM

This plug in was working fine until recently. So I feel my AWS S3 setting should be good too

Actually figured this out. Looks like my folder was getting special characters. Removed it using regen and now its all good. Thank you for your continuous excellent customer support


Hello, @yamirb
I’m happy to hear that!

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Thanks! :pray: