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AWS Uploader Incremental save to Bubble Database

We’re using the AWS Uploader as part of a mobile app and are running into some interesting issues when users lose internet access during uploading. The images get saved to AWS, but they’re not getting added to the database because the internet connection is dropping along the way (before we get to the point in the workflow when ALL the images are saved and someone hits a button to save).

Is there a recommendation/suggestion for a good way to handle incremental saves to the database when each image is uploaded? (and also handle the removes?).

I have some ideas, but I was wondering if anyone has a use case for this already.

Hi @liz,

We have not encountered this kind of behavior, as we base our plugins on a stable connection and have not considered such a use case.

While I’m not fully aware of how you are currently saving the URL, I recommend saving each URL one by one. The plugin has an event that triggers each time a file is uploaded, rather than waiting until all files are uploaded.

While this approach won’t completely resolve the issue, it will provide a better opportunity to save the URLs that were successfully uploaded when the internet connection was available.

Best regards :sunflower:

Thank you, that’s exactly the sort of advice I was looking for.

It is a little bit of an outside use case - we use it in a wrapped iPhone / Android app that allows multiple file uploads. Since people are often on cellular connections we’ve had problems with the connection dropping and the user not making it through uploading all the files AND hitting the submit button.

Hi @liz,

I’m glad I could help a bit!

If users frequently experience connection drops, it would be best to save each file URL as soon as it becomes available. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at any time :pray:

Best regards :hibiscus: